Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He Will Never Understand!

Bernie it so good to see that you are paying such close attention to us, and what we are doing.

We know that you say that you don't read our blog, but for someone who doesn't read it you surely know an awful lot of what we're delivering.

Yes, the Coalition is very busy these days, what you failed to say is that we have been very busy from the onset, and we will remain as such until every corrupt official and un-official (namely you) receive the justice due them. 

And we did not once call ourselves the "Gracedale Guardian's", we are the "Gracedale Guardian's", and the watchmen, custodians, keepers, minders, sentinels, sentry's, and any other name you can think of that presents us as "Gracedale Protectors". After all, didn't We The People voted 3 to 1 in favor of keeping our Gem right where it is. Yes we did.

Glasses? you know we don't need glasses. Your confusing us with YOU. Our eyes pan, tilt, and focus as intended, and we see everything. We haven't called Stoffa anything - the email that recently surfaced reveals exactly what he is , and what you are, and what Angle is, and eventually you will all receive JUSTICE.

Take note Bernie - your making Stoffa squirm, you know he doesn't want you bringing him up because then we bring this up...its so good that you are on our side - thanks buddy. :-)

We're not stomping all over poor Ron, why would we do that? We're just always telling the TRUTH. And by the way, Ron didn't lose his seat - HE GOT FIRED!!!

Telling another lie aren't you, COAF is not trashing Easton Mayor Sal Panto, some of our supporters are. Make no mistake about it Bernardo, if we had a problem with the Mayor of Easton or any other city we would stand up to them like we did you, but we personally don't have any issues with him. And if you want to be crystal clear Bernie, your the one causing the Honorable Mayor problems...YES YOU. Now you know why, and you don't need a degree in stupid to understand that, do you?.

Yes you are vermin, and yes it's true you are demented and deranged. OK, yes it's true your pen is twisted and even crooked...but we don't hate you Bernie, you  really got that one wrong. There is no room in our hearts for hate - only Love. We take no pleasure whatsoever in this mess you have created, we are victims of it. But again we boldly have to started the fight - we will finish it. Too bad that you don't like the fact that you are being beat at your own game...too darn bad!

What was that? What did you say? we're not supposed to what? We're not supposed to win...really. Well we're winning - get over it. And yes it is true that when you fight fire with fire you can actually put the fire out, in your case it will be a knock out. Yes, the little guy can sometimes fight better than the big guy...and this is one of those times buddy.

The moral of this story Bernie, is if you don't want to get beat up...don't be a bully, and don't go around starting fights. Talk to ya later chum ;-)


  1. O'Hare hides behing his computer as always spewing vermin out of his rotted mouth. His mouth is rotten because he doesnt brush his teeth. Didnt someone confirm that? I think so. He is a pathetic loser with no life at all. He knows not how to be effective and brings down all who associate with him. The best part is, we get it, and that is all that matters.

  2. bo just doesn't get it~~~~he has much clout as a deflated balloon.