Friday, March 16, 2012

Sad Angle :-(

Bo has just painted a picture about Ron Angle in his blog that would make the average person who DOES NOT know Ron want to cry, except that everyone in NorCo at the very least knows of him, and they know better than to believe the manure that Angle has BO shoveling.

  Poor Angle and buddy - reading his favorite during last night cc meeting,
Sheriff Sales!!!
Yes, any one's misery is Angles victory - gobble-em up RON

It's difficult to say the least, to feel like Ron has been railroaded by a Judge. We do not believe that for a second because we know Ron. He walks a crooked line! And he is a despicable man who spoke very belligerently last night to County Council President Mr. Cusick when Cusick respectfully thanked Ron for his comment at the podium.

We believe Ron is beginning to understand that we are all subject to the same rules. Rules that we as a civilized county put in place for all to follow, only Ron feels he does not have to play by the rules - BIG mistake Ron, how's that working for you?

Angle through BO would have you believing that he lost his bid for re-election on June 11, 2010 when he called a jurist, surprisingly BO goes on to call Ron stupid for do so - but that's not why Ron lost...he lost his bid for re-election when he decided to go against the will of We The People.

Let's tell the truth here - COAF representing real people of the county went before Ron when he was County Council President, humbly asking that he reconsider his position on our beloved Gracedale, only to be yelled at and told to sit down and shut up. "You speak at my pleasure" Ron told the group. He chastised the group at every opportunity, but eventually the entire county, state, and country served witness to the historic event - COAF's Gracedale Initiative...the wall that brought Ron's world to a STOP.

Reality dictates that Ron did himself in. He was his own worst enemy, and BO did not help matters with his twisted blog. Ron's selfish greed for more money is what crushed his foundation. His lust for power fogged his view. His lack of kindness and gentleness toward the very people we all love..."our elderly" who can not care or fend for themselves, is what did him in.

We take no pleasure in Ron's current situation, but to expect sympathy from the very people Ron has hurt all his life is possibly asking for to much - to soon.

Ron has to turn from his evil ways and demonstrate through proven action that he is a changed man...but not many who know him in NorCo feel that he will ever change. Hopefully for his own pride he never needs Gracedale...but if he does, that's probably where he will find the Grace of God.


  1. Here is a not so riddly riddle to start your day.

    What is Ron going to order tonight when he goes out for dinner?



  2. Great Winston :-)

  3. Ron Angle has lived off the misery of others for years. The fact that justice is catching up to Mr. Angle is no surprise to those who have known him.

    The fact that his family has suffered for his sins is sad. Remember, Angle never thought of his family when he pulled all his stunts. so at the end of the day any misery to his family is by the hands of Ron Angle, the most despised man in Northampton county.

    Sadly, not one redeeming quality about the man.

  4. Word on the street is, glad to have you back Winston.

  5. The one way to describe Angle is, A WALKING MANURE PILE.

  6. Pretty soon Sal Panto will be sitting with the two of them.