Thursday, March 15, 2012

Allentown Has No Answers? What About Stoffa???

Bernie Ohare has a post on his blog about Allentown taxes being diverted from assigned uses to other areas the funds were never intended for.

Shouldn't he instead be asking the County Executive John Stoffa the same thing?

And shouldn't he show Mr. Stoffa the email which clearly shows that Mr. Stoffa new that Eckard Seamans was collaborating with Ohare relating to his private litigation against COAF and the taxpayers of the county that they represented?

SUEING the TAX PAYERS with thier own money!!! Isn't that against the law?

Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo - we couldn't make this up if we wanted to.

Click this link to go to the email:

Mr. Stoffa has some explaining to do...doesn't he???

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