Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who's Trying To Sell Gracedale?

It seems to us at this present moment that there is at least one person for sure who wants to sell Gracedale, and we all know who that is...and we have all heard Councilwomen Mrs. Thierry, and Councilman Mr. Gilbert push for the surprise there.

And what about Mr. Angle? Behind the scenes he would take extreme pleasure in witnessing the sale. That's just to name a few.

It is quite apparent that they are concerned about the direction the union at Gracedale has taken, otherwise why would the nonsensical ignoramus post on the matter? GREAT JOB.

All who desire to harm Gracedale WILL see the day that they too will fall. Take notice how all who have thrown their hats into the arena with malicious intent to destroy Gracedale - have in fact destroyed themselves by the act. TAKE NOTICE!


  1. You are so right!! There is only one person who knows enough about county issues and especially social services to help insure the future of Gracedale and we know who he is. The next four years are the most dangerous for Gracedale. pressure will be on to dump it in a few years.
    We need a real, knowledgeable and honest person who knows the bs games that can be played.

    I hope he runs and we all support him for the sake of Gracedale and all the county services so many want to gut and destroy.

    The big money candidates want him out but they are owned by developers with nothing to do with the real county problems. I know who I will support next year.

  2. In fairness to him, he needs to announce. I hope he does and soon. Next year will be the most important election in Northampton County history. the future of Gracedale and many things are at stake.

    We can not afford political business as usual.

  3. I know who you mean and I have asked him to run. Even if he served one term, at least the mess in the county could be put on the right track. I honestly beleive Gracedale would be working well by the end of the term. We'll see.

    I have nothing against Panto or Callahan but they are not the people to fix things right now. The mess is very very volatile and would take a very experienced and knowledgeable county person, who is honest to a fault.