Friday, March 2, 2012

A Bangor Hero - Frank Addessi

We know that the local papers are worthless when it come to standing up to egomaniacs like Ron Angle - for example, when The People completed the referendum mission, they should have received a trophy from the express times for accomplishing a herculean effort, and Angle/Stoffa should have received turkeys...did they? Absolutely not. The monumental feat was not even fairly covered.

So when we see and hear of a little guy STANDING UP to the the miscreant Angle, someone like Frank Addessi, we have to applaud the moral strength, and the character Mr. Addessi has demonstrated in the face of Angles madness.

"As a member of the Bangor Area School Board, I feel personally compelled to respond publicly to Ron Angle's comments of Monday evening regarding our superintendent. I take issue with Mr. Angle's assertions, as they are not based on anything more than an undisclosed number of anonymous phone calls and conversations. No, names, no examples, no facts — just unsubstantiated accusations."

Well said Mr. Addessi...hip hip hooray


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