Monday, March 4, 2013

Is He Really Ready...

...To lead Northampton County forward?

Yes - We know he is!

How so? Well, the proof is always in the pudding, right?...Yes it is.

Councilman McClure has ALWAYS represented Gracedale and Northampton County, not with lip service, but with grounded action. He considers all matters carefully and is not afraid to stand up alone (if necessary) to serve his constituents, and in our opinion, he serves us well.

There are many haters out there that will sling mud at Mr. McClure because he has been so successful in his leadership style - And because mud is all they have to sling, there's nothing else.

Some out there say that COAF only supports him because he always tells us what we want to hear, but that simply isn't true. We didn't agree with Mr. McClure when he stated publically that he does not believe Mr. Stoffa's misuse of tax resources is criminal...we on the other hand do believe it is criminal! Especially in light of all the recent criminal cases against public officials like Justice Melvin, who currently faces incarceration. We feel that eventually we will make our case before the correct authority and John Stoffa will have to answer for (Stoffa-Gift) his misdeeds.

However, we still support Mr. McClure even if we did not agree with him on the Soffa-Gift issue because we know that we are not all going to agree 100% on everything. However, Mr. McClure at least takes a stand and expresses his views eloquently (regardless if we agree or not), without chastising us, and we respect that.

We also believe that as County Executive he will most certainly lead the County in a positive direction, the way no other Executive has in a long, long time. And they way no other candidate can today.

Lamont McClure
For County Executive


  1. McClure has a terrible attendance record. The committee he chairs hasn't met in several years, despite a need to do so. He attends very few committee meetings, even though other council members regularly attend.

    These are bad signs to me.

  2. Sounds like listening to BO and Angle every 2 weeks for a couple of years.
    Perhaps the time of the meetings should be changed until after working hours,or perhaps the work is getting done in another fashion.
    This committee meeting talk should be followed by the horrible things which took place because of his absence. Then a real discussion can take place.
    When I think about some of the awful behavior of a former council member and the possible charges awaiting our cuurent exec for the improper use of taxpayer monies,you are worried about committee meeting attendance when no actual facts are being presented along with and because of committee attendace meetings.

  3. Yes McClure for Executive!

  4. Agree, Lamont McClure and a good county council to work with him. We need to pick our candidates carefully. A former county executive has been bad mouthing Lamont lately. Not smart.

  5. Anon 7:52, in fairness I have heard the same thing and the person is not Glenn Reibman but rather a former county executive running for another county seat.

    He is not happy with Lamont.

  6. Lamont is a real asset to Norco Gov, only thing he has in common with ronnie angle is the whole multiple chin thing, which is probably a result of so much hard work behind a desk.

  7. Someone saw Bernie O'Hare taking someones pettion around for signatures.

  8. Yes he is helping Trish

  9. I heard he is circulating Callahans pettion.