Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News Update

County Controller Stephen J Barron, Jr. Endorses
Lamont McClure

For Northampton County Executive

March 19, 2013 – Today Northampton County Controller Stephen J. Barron, Jr. announces his endorsement of Lamont McClure for Northampton County Executive.

“Mr. McClure is the only candidate who is ready to do the job of Northampton County Executive. His involvement in every major county policy matter over the last 7 years means he can hit the ground running as executive.”

Barron and McClure were allies in the fight to save Gracedale. McClure’s leadership prevented the sale of the home to a private company.

McClure also backed Barron’s plan to prevent a tax increase proposed in the 2011 budget. Through tough fiscal choices a tax increase was not needed.

“Lamont understands the mission and purpose of county government,” Barron said, “he is the best candidate to move Northampton County forward and keep Gracedale moving in a positive direction.”

We will get the job done...Together!
Lamont McClure
For County Executive


  1. Way to go Steve great choice.


  2. Good for Stevce and Lamont. Now promise we the emplyees that Lamont will not keep the sneaky and false Ross Marcus on as Director of Human Services. That is unacceptable. He is continuing to cut servcies and allow incompetent people to have positions of power. Only Callahan is considering it at this point. We can only hope Mr. McClure will not do the same.

  3. What is Callahan considering? When callahan gets elected, he will bring in his own people.

    1. Yeah right! I have a bridge for sale, you want to buy it. Nice view of the east river.

  4. As I understand it, speaking with someone yesterday knowledgeable in these matters, Callahan has promised the same job to three different people. What does that tell you.

    It tells me that he just wants to get elected. so he'll say anything and sign anything. What he does if elected will most likely be something we won't be in favor of.

    And anyone who has watched the way he operates in Bethlehem knows that he does not care what the folks of the city want, he always ends up doing what he wants.

    The sad thing is that Callahan has some other political ambitions that will force him to resign as ce if he is elected. This is just a stepping stone for Callahan.