Friday, March 22, 2013


...There you go again! ;-) Who said that?

The nonsensical ignoramus is now calling the Gracedale Advisory Board GOONS. Can you believe that?

Look at what he says on his blog:

"The Goons have done an about face. After supporting Lifestar at the Gracedale Advisory Board, they've suddenly switched."
Why would he say that?

He can't be talking about COAF because we supported the first vote to keep Nazareth Ambulance (everybody knows that), so why would we go back on our word now???

Oh, no...he must think we're like his fiend (whoops - we meant friend) Mayor Callahan. Who is known to go back on his word.

Folks, when a large company like Lifestar desires to swallow up it's competition, low-balling is almost always the method of operation used.

We figure that unless he believes that COAF runs the GAB, or that GAB is COAF in disguise (which is not the case), he is disrespectfully calling GAB GOONS!

Let us be crystal clear - COAF never ever supported replacing Nazareth Ambulance Corps with any other ambulance service provider. Somehow the nonsensical ignoramus believes that if GAB goes in one direction that COAF will too...why does he believe that?

Who knows??? He just makes the garbage up as he goes along.

Callahan said...OH NO!
In 2007/8 didn't he throw Mr. Callahan under a bus, and then a truck, and then a train. He hated Mayor Callahan with a passion, because he had a passion for another politician. 

Well what about today, does he still feel the same way? No, of course not.

Today Bernie is trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Angle says: Bernie, I don't need you anymore...
Stoffa says: Unfortunately, soon neither will I!
Bernie asks: So what am I supposed to do?
COAF says: Talk to Mr. McClure...
...Bernie yells - OH NO, here comes the bus!
And what about Mayor Callahan?  Is he a  fool?

No, of course not! He's planning on using the nonsensical ignoramus as long as it serves his purpose, and as long as he can.

And the then he will discard him like Ron Angle did, and like Mr. Stoffa soon will.

BREAKING NEWS - this just in: The nonsensical ignoramus runs-amuck and attacks the Rev. with his foolish mustache rants, and the fake this and that...
...Who CARES???
Not us!
Get a life!!!


  1. That truly is a priceless pic of the 3 stooges!

  2. Some of us who supprt Gracedale disagree with this decision.

    1. It's okay to disagree, as long as we do so civilly.

  3. Word on the street is, tell bo to go to the chaplne

    he will punch his (T.S.) CARD.