Saturday, March 9, 2013

Independant Offices...

...Are just that - independent.

Why are the DA's office and the office of the Controller "independent" in accordance to the Home Rule Charter? Because they serve as checks and balances for the taxpayers.

The MCall has published a story about turf wars between the executive office and the DA's office, well, certainly they are entitled to their opinion, but in ours, this current event is not about turf...but about right and wrong.

Click the link for the MCall Story:  DA & Executive Battle

In other developing news: by some insane thought process known only by the nonsensical ignoramus, Bernie thinks its ALL about Lamont McClure. That's like saying 10+10=5. Yeah right!

Bernie is just trying to take our (the County's taxpayers) focus off of his corrupt man John Stoffa. So what does he do? He blames John Stoffa's ignorance on Mr. McClure. Yes that right 10+10=5.

Somebody, please give him a calculator!

Lamont McClure... being thrown into a mess that the failing County Executive John Soffa created, in hopes that Mr. McClure can save Mr. Stoffa. Well Mr. McClure is not the County Executive YET!!! And if he was, the first thing he would probably do (and this is just our opinion) is, FIRE Stoffa.

John Stoffa is such a disgrace to the democratic party...that even the party can't wait for his departure...however it may com.

Lamont McClure
For County Executive

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