Friday, March 22, 2013

Nazareth Ambulance...

...Will continue to serve Gracedale.

For the second time in five months County Council has voted (6-3) in favor of keeping Nazareth Ambulance in place over Lifestar.

First, we'd like to highlight Councilman Ken Kraft for doing the math (on the spot). Too often we look at the bottom line and think that the best decision will involve a low-ball proposal. The problem with that mentality (and we see far it often enough) is that the low-ball price usually has an underlying motivation (whatever that may be). Mr. Kraft, understanding what makes the world go round in today's economic environment, first analyzed, and then deduced that a family could not live on the low-ball being thrown at Council. And, he also stood firm on his promise to bring (or help keep) jobs to Nor-Co. So contrary to low-ball logic, he made the right decision. Great Job Mr. Kraft.

And then there is Councilwoman Barbara Thierry, whom took us all by surprise. And whom we can say for the first time in our involvement demonstrated that she could think for her self. She displayed character never seen in her before (at least not by us). Her question:  "But what about three years from now, when Lifestar has no competitors and it is free to charge what it wants?" made so much sense, that we couldn't believe who asked it. She went on to ask: "What about the personal relationships that have been fostered by members of Nazareth Ambulance and residents of Gracedale?" and, "How can we sever those ties without affecting the quality of service to residents?". This certainly was a rare moment, but Mrs. Thierry asked the right questions...and then made the right decision. Great job Mrs. Thierry...GREAT JOB.

And then, Peg Ferraro (who is the only incumbent running) made it clear that her decision had nothing to do with seeking the Nazareth voters votes, but everything to do with doing what she believed was right! And we would like to note that she also said something that we feel was probably her most important statement last night - I serve ALL of Northampton County. We believe her.

While there are some on Council that feel that we  (COAF) have been attacking, as you can see here, we are not! What some call attacking, we call "holding accountable".

COAF did not elect four to County Council members last year to tell them what to do, but to allow them to do what they promised they would. If they fail us by breaking their promises, we will hold them accountable. That ladies and gentlemen of Nor-Co is not the definition of attacking, but of amenability.

Speaking to the hopefuls, specifically those seeking our support: if you make us promises...we expect you to keep them. If you can't keep them, then please don't make them.

And please understand that in the same way we praise good performance, we will also illuminate poor execution for the County to see. It's not personal on any level. This blog is dedicated to shining a light wherever a light is needed to expose the truth...and that's what we'll continue to do!


  1. Why do u believe this was right?

  2. Well, for one thing, if the lowball proposal was accepted, and as Barb so eloquently put it, if after lifestar killed off it's competition they decided to raise their price three fold in order to recoup their losses, where would the savings really be? And how much more would we be paying then. I also heard that lifestar has a connection to premere. Does anyone know if that's true?

  3. I watched the video today. You guys are right on the money.

    Thank you for not going away.

    A concerned citizen.

  4. Barbara should have acted sooner and maybe she would have been able to run and win. Too little too late.