Friday, March 8, 2013

An Answer To Your Question?

The question posed by a reader today was "What Is STOFFA-GIFT?"

The answer is very involved, however, we'll do the best we can to present  a short version.

Stoffa informing the County that
Gracedale would be closed if not sold!
In 2010, We (COAF) set out to give the people of the County of Northampton an opportunity to vote on a matter "the sale of Gracedale". The County Council at the time refused to put a question on the ballot to allow the taxpayers an opportunity to vote on the matter. So COAF decided (inspired by John Stoffa) to initiate first, an informal petition producing over 4k names, and then a formal petition producing 23,391 names.

Although Mr. Stoffa encouraged us to get the signatures, he then went on to sue the taxpayers with taxpayer resources.

The Morning Call asked the question: "Did Taxpayers Fund The Gracedale Fight?"

Then we wrote a post indicating that John Stoffa admitted his gilt by agreeing to pay-back $700.00 for two hours we could prove, and after our post he realized his error and decided to call  the payback of the misused funds a gift. Click the link to read more: Gulty, Gulity, Gilty.

$71,826.05 - How much of this went to sue the Taxpayers?

Seeking a Nonsensical Ignoramus...
...Have a few questions!!!

There's more to it, this is just a real short version. The truth is finally coming out!



    I can't believe this.

    You guys are amazing.

  2. Bucks Barrister is going to be busy this spring! He will leave a trail of spraint all over the Nonsensical ignoramus marking his territory! Can we have a party to celebrate this development RMM, I say Cracker Barrel!

  3. Keep the information coming Please. The nespapers won't do it because they are run but cronies of politicians and they all suck up to each other. But when people finally REALIZE their tax money went to fight the referendum and help a private citizen like O'Hare the public outcry for Stoffa to step down will be huge. He will then finally go!