Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It Starts At The Top!

First, let us be perfectly clear, we don't know James Onembo, and we don't know if he has done anything that requires investigation or not. We will not condemn nor defend him, we are certain he can do that himself.

What COAF knows is that Bernard V. O'Hare III is the biggest LIAR in all of Northampton County, and that is an established fact.

The nonsensical ignoramus says on his blog post "Time for Onembo to go" the following: "I am well aware that Onembo is the most powerful person in NC". Really? We thought County Executive John Stoffa is the most powerful person in Northampton County! Why doesn't he mention Stoffa?

Listen to what else he says: "I also believe that using county employees to conduct his personal business is inappropriate." Really?? Then why haven't you spoken up against John Stoffa? Oh, that's right...You won't speak out against Stoffa because you benefitted from Stoffa-Gift, John stoffas misuse of tax resources.

O'Hare continues his attack on Onembo saying: "He has hurt many good people and needs to be held accountable." REALLY???

Ron Angle, John Stoffa, and Bernie O'Hare Plotting!
Well In our opinion (and we have been saying so for a long while now), County Executive John Stoffa's MISUSED TAX RESOURCES is very much like Justice Orie Melvin's, but he is not being held accountable for it...WHY NOT Bernie?

And whenever anyone says anything against Stoffa you spring into action to cover up for unleash your vile attacks on people until they go away. Well, as you can tell by now, we're not going away regardless what you say Bernie. And we won't use your terminology, but we will say: WE DONT CARE WHAT LIES YOU SPREAD ABOUT US - WE WILL CONTINUE TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU, STOFFA and ANGLE, until none of you are seen as a threat to anyone in our County ever again!!!

And again we say, we don't know  if Onembo has done anything wrong - but, we do know that John Stoffa has.

Unlike Onembo, Stoffa is an elected official who is supposed to be held to a higher standard - Because he is elected.

Stoffa has violated the peoples trust - The very people who elected him. He has misused tax resources and there is plenty of evidence to prove it. If District Attorney John Morganelli is going to go on record with Mr. Onembo, then we believe he should also go on John Stoffa, who in our opinion has done something far worst than anything anyone else has done...He misused our tax resources.

Why is Bernie so viciously seeking to destroy Mr. Onembo? Well, there are many reasons we can suspect, but in his post he outlines one himself saying: "Some think he played a role in getting rid of Angle, too." There's your answer!

Remember his friend the ousted Councilman Ron Angle. Well he seems to believe that Mr. Onembo was at fault for his removal...that's because Bernie is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He call us stupid but, our stupidity trumps his intelligence any day of the week - He forgot that it was We The People...We are responsible for ousting Angle.

We used our powerful VOTE to discard the miscreant Angle! Not Mr. Onembo, although his vote may have help us too.

It is becoming quite obvious that there is much going on in the Northampton County local government...but remember - It starts at the very top with John Stoffa!

We The People will continue to exercise our right to remove all who fail our us on that. 


  1. The Hairy One has ALWAYS tried to get his way by threats to drag people through the mud--he will drop his mask of "loving mankind" in a minute. His attacks on people are sickening.

    He is now having a total breakdown because NOBODY in politics wants anything to do with him.

    Stoffa got Bill White to do what Bernie used to do for him with. White attacked Steve Barron. Poor Bernie has been left behind.

    It's the Hairy One's own fault that nobody cares what he says any longer. He let his real side come out too often. Good riddance to this phoney.

  2. You're wrong that Hairy B is the biggest liar in NC. Stoffa is.

    1. I would say that all three are the biggest deceivers in the county. All three!

  3. We just removed a comment from O'Hare. If it wasn't BO, send email to with evidenc that it is not BO and we will gladly re-post the comment.

  4. The threesome cannot accept defeat.
    The truth, character, and honesty always win.
    It has taken some time and study, but the truth is coming out faster and faster everyday.

  5. John Stoffa's legacy is secure, the new Human Services building will be a rousing success for decades to come whether or not it has his name on it. The park proposal to create a huge green space in Bethlehem Township is just icing on his cake. If you don't have haters your probably just irrelevant.

    Peter Stoffa

    1. Word on the street is, Stoffa can look at his building from, guess, hint he will be wearing a jumpsuit.

    2. This comment smells like bo, I know that john stoffa's son is Jeff Stoffa. there is no peter stoffa

    3. This comment smells like bo, I know that john stoffa's son is Jeff Stoffa. there is no peter stoffa

  6. The Hairy One can dish it out but he can't take it. Only he HAS to take his medicine now. Stoffa's departure gts closer every minute. Bill White has taken The Hairy One's place next to the throne. The Hairy One can always write stories for children, he loves them so.

  7. And as for Stoffa's legacy being "secure" it sure is--it takes a VERY LONG TIME for the stink to leave a mountain of garbage, if it ever does leave.

  8. Just removed a comment that appears to be BO. If it's not him send email to with evidence it's not and we will repost.

    NOTE: We do not allow Bernie on our blog because he does not allow us on his.

  9. Just removed another - Please stay off our blog with that nonsense.

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    As we have stated before, we want this blog to be as reader friendly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

  11. Sadly the "Stoffa Human Servcies" building will have more of a detremental effect on staff and services for years to come. The current county council was not smart enough to grasp that fact. Hopefully the new executive and a smart county council will help mitigate the bad effects of that multi-million dollar mistake and help keep the community safe from massive cuts.

    Remember fdolks, more Human Service staff and more servcies have been cut under Stoffa's rule than at any other time in County history. Something to keep in mind when O'Hare and the other Stoffa apologists try and spin their tall tales of his concern.

  12. It does not matter what Stoffa thinks about his legacy.
    He lies and cheats ;he got caught by the Controller and the County's chosen legal firm in Harrisburg to help Stoffa sell Gracedale.He misused some of that taxpayers' money.
    He also lied about the need to sell Gracedale ,for no money was available-taxes would have to go up.
    Now he wants to build and build and build.
    Judge for yourself.Read the facts.

  13. O'Hare is claiming the COAF are attacking the Lebanese community. Reverand M, I believe you must personlly state for the record that is not the case. Please don't allow the lies of O'Hare to once again try and besmirch the people of the COAF.
    He just willnot stop trying to destroy the people who care about this county. He believes that the hate in his heart is shared by everyone.

    Thank You

  14. Word on the street is, WHO IS UNCLE REMUS his writing sounds like who? Cant be he only posts in his name only. Realy?

  15. Stoffa is for Stoffa. He smiles at you to your face and then he turns right around and does what suits him. When he finally loses all his power I expect lots of his victims in Human Services and other departments in NC will come out and tell the whole story about him. Can't blame them because they are poltically vulnerable now--Stoffa always has a few suckups reporting to him. He is the WORST County Executived ever, and for proof look at the people he used as his attack animals--Angle and O'Hare. I can't wait until the day we can all say GOOD RIDDANCE STOFFA.

  16. More staff and servicies have left Human Services under the Stoffa and Marcus rule than any other time. He got his bulidng because County Council was not experienced enough to relaize they were duped and lied to, just like the Gracedale sham.

    The new Adminstration will have to rebuild the services Stoffa has let rot, just as he did the buildings.