Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Controller is Visible!

The Honorable County Controller Stephen Barron has provided the Morning Call a response to Bill Whites negative column, and they have published it:
The Visible and Transparent Controller.

We The People see Mr. Barron as an "Honorable and Honest" servant of the County, who's wife and children can be very proud of the service he is providing to the entire County - And YES...It is our opinion (COAF) that Mr. Barron knows what he is talking about...and Mr. White does not.

To date, Mr. Barron has provided accurate information that has proven itself to be accurate and true! History is the evidence.

Mr. White on the other hand, has aligned himself with the greatest deceivers Northampton County has ever had the displeasure to know, County Executive John Stoffa, the ousted Ron Angle, and the meaningless Bernard O'Hare III. Hence, he too is now viewed as a deceiver attempting to use his position as a reporter to make the news - instead of reporting it.

In the event that you do not have a subscription to is the content:

"Mr. White is entitled to his opinion, but I and many of those I represent would have to disagree that the quality most needed in a Controller is invisibility.

The citizens of Northampton County elected me to be their fiscal voice, often times that puts me at odds with the County Executive or members of Council.

I ran for office because I have opinions and I am entitled to speak them. This is especially true when the finances of the county are used to advance policy positions.

If the framers of the Northampton County Home Rule charter wanted an invisible controller or rubber stamp, he or she would have been appointed. But the framers made the Controller elected, so I must assume opinions were expected.
I was not elected by the citizens of Northampton County to be invisible.
When the County Executive proposed a tax increase in the 2011 budget, I presented sound fiscal advice to show a tax increase was not necessary. The council agreed and today we have one of the most fiscally sound governments in the Commonwealth and did not need to raise taxes to do it.
When the County Executive wanted to pay Bank of America a $27 million dollar ransom to end the swaption, I argued against the payment. Working with council we were able to pay $9 million dollars less than what had been demanded.
When the County Executive and some on council wanted to sell Gracedale, I questioned the financial justifications for the sale. I told council and the voters that the numbers presented to them simply did not add up. As the Controller, I was the only county official able to explain the fiscal ramification of a sale.
All of these positions stood in contrast to the positions of other elected officials, all required asserting an opinion and ultimately all of these positions were grounded in the numbers.  Today we know we did not need a tax increase in 2011, we saved $9 million dollars on the swaption and it was not necessary to sell Gracedale. Had my main goal been invisibility, none of this this might have happened.
I have done my job these last five years, which often involves having opinions about issues facing the county, and, in doing so, I have saved the taxpayers millions.  My office and I accomplished these things through hard work, critical analysis, presentation of the facts and working to make our recommendations a reality.
You do not hold elected office to be invisible, you hold elected office to accomplish something for the people you represent.  I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish as Controller and do not regret my opinions as a person or official."

We The People could not have said it better.

Mr. Stoffa simply has his own agenda to destroy Mr. Barron because the Controller has exposed the Truth about John Stoffa's MISUSE OF TAX RESOURECES...And Mr. White won't address that issue in his column!!!

Stephen Barron is a Controller we can all count on and be proud of.


  1. O'Hare is once again in a corner. He was called on more of his BS and has shut down comments. He is the standard bearer of the Stoffa Admisntration, lies and cowrdly acts.

  2. It's a decent reply but he makes no mention of the Tmobile debacle.

  3. Mr. Barron made a mistake in his zeal to help working men and women. He paid a price with a public Stoffa political repudiation, followed by a Ron Angle led county council censure(where was man of God Rev. Dowd at that lynching?) and a turkey form the Express Times.

    Where is the censure, or turkey for Stoffa using taxpayer dollars to fund a private citizens lawsuit against other private citizens? Where is the censure or turkey for lying in his attempts to dump Gracledale? Where is the censure and the turkey for the using of Human Sercvices employees and consumers to get an overpriced unneeeded building that will cost the ocunty servicies and staff?

    So when the resposnible parties can answere those questions, I will listen to their opioions of Steve Barron. I don't even care about Steve Barron but I admire his guts in taking on Stoffa lies. He showed more guts than a majority of county council and the media.

    To date, council has been a weak and ineffectual check on Executive power. Looking forward to the new memebers. Some real knowledgable and storng people on the way. No more of the Stoffa giveaways in the future.

    We need to all thank God and get out the vote for our candidates.

  4. Exactly..When this yar ends that slime ball Ohairy will be an afterthought.. No one will pay him any mind and like the rat crap he is, he'll get swept away down some sewer..Where he belongs..

  5. Why does Barron get smeared by the former editor of the ET and why does Bill Bhite try to SILENCE HIM? Because those so-called journalists like polticians sucking up to them and they have no interest in actually doing their own work?

    Bill White, SHAME ON YOU for trying to silence Steve. You're the one that could be silenced because you have NOTHING TO SAY. Like the Hairy One your only topic is YOURSELF. Get a real job. Like O'Hare HA HA HA HA HA

  6. Agreed Steve!! White and O'Hare have egg all over their faces. Stoffa will never forgive you for telling the truth, for showing that his figures and claim to need a tax increase were wrong and for showing him to be a pathetic loser.

    Bill White--you missed your calling. You should write editorials. It would be a huge laugh every time.

  7. Bill White is a friend of power. Period.

  8. And I'll bet White's column attacking Steve was planted by Stoffa. So White is a tool as well.

  9. Great job in your response Steve..You argued your case well...oHairy was made to look like a fooll, as usual..

  10. How does White feel about Steve's letter? Bet White runs for the hills.

  11. Yes White is a TERRORIST because people like him try to smear and destroy others to stop them from standing up for what is right. The only thing White has going for him is that free beer somebody is handing to him in the picture you showed. Now he's whining that he's not allowed to write anything negative about Steve. WRITE SOME FACTS YOU A$$HAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Great job, Steve, Thank you for your servive to the people.

  13. Steve "Red" Barron is an excellent Controller in addition to being quite adorable and cuddly.

  14. Are White and The Hairy One drinking buddies? Who planted the column that White wrote? Boy I bet White regrets writing it!

  15. Word pn the street is, Steve Barron is looking out for the taxpayers, not sucking up to to Stoffa. Does the harry one lecture in Whites Class at Lehigh. Looks like they are friends.

  16. He can brag about himself,Stoffa,and O'Hare,but the reality is that Bill White is anything but a reporter.
    He should do his own work and investigations before he attacks others with material which has now been proven accurate.
    Stoffa used taxpayers' money to fund private citizens in a COURT OF LAW.
    Mr. White, do your homework before turning it in!

    1. The MC Has the information he needs just will not read it, will you Mr. White.

  17. Mr. Barron,
    Great response to White.Thanks for being visible,honest, and stronger than all the other chickens who are trying to smear you.
    They are wearing the skirts ,and you are wearing the pants.

  18. Bernie O'Hare and Bill White: Partners in Slime.

  19. @11:49 AM Bill White doesn't do homework. He doesn't do work of any kind. But apparently he does favors for Stoffa.

  20. Steve Barron is a true public servant representing the people that elected him. He has saved the taxpayers of our county millions of dollars. In stead of being shown the gratitude he deserves Stoffa and his rats belittle him. Well guess what Stoffa and rats...the taxpayers have more respect for Steve than they will EVER have for you. Steve has never used taxpayer money ILLEGALY like you did Stoffa. Why aren't your rats writing about that. Steve I am so proud of you for not being invisible.

  21. Seems like suddenly BILL WHITE IS INVISIBLE what do you have to say about Steve's letter Mr. White?

  22. Seems to me that White may not like our blog because it tells the truth...something he fails to do. You see it takes time and effort and perserverence to seek out the truth-someting White doesent do. He'd rather print the stuff he is fedd by stoffa and his rats. People like are certainly not INVESTIGATIVE reporters. They just report what other people tell them. They don't know how to check out a story on their own....any third grader could write a report like he does.

  23. Has White made ANY RESPONSE? I don't get the Morning Callo.

  24. White has a class at Lehigh? What does he do--teach the students how to drink?

  25. Mr. Barron. Your effort has not gone unnoticed! The only one that I see take more heat than you is Rev. Martinez, and if he can stay cool, then you too should be able. Keep your head high but your fist higher, protect yourself at all times and continue to protect us. When the time comes we will remember your service! We will reelect you, or elect you to any other position in government you seek. The Bill Whites of the world will be just that, vermin! Continue to do what you are doing, vermin usually take out other vermin!

  26. We just removed two comments from BO, If it was not BO send email to with evidence it is not BO and we will relist.

    BO stay off our blog!!!