Friday, March 1, 2013

Connect The Dots!

Bernard O'Hare has literary gone bonkers because we challenged Bill White's attack of Controller Barron. WOW, he's crying like a little girl! He has been using his hate blog for many years to destroy anyone he and his allies see fit to destroy. But, develop another site to counter his deceptions with the truth and what happens? He goes nuts. Someone said they heard howling in Nazareth last night. Call out animal control there is a beast on the loose!

Now come on folks - In our opinion, this entire mockery was engineered by John Stoffa to take our focus off of his misuse of tax resources matter, but it's not working. Think about it, nothing he has tried against COAF has worked, why else would our friend Bernie be so upset. Bill White is not as upset as our friend Bernie! Why is that?

But to make the point - NO, we have not given up on STOFFA-GIFT! That will be dealt with in due time regardless of how much mud they sling at us.

Take note that Mr. White has been criticized far worst by others and he knows it, just do a search on the'll see we're right. Well, if you connect the dots you will also see there is a circus in town, and the ring master is none other than our County Executive John Stoffa. He tells the clowns what to do and say - and they do and say what he wants.

But our friend Bernie has never been so upset in his lonesome life, one can see the tears welling up in his eyes...why do you think that is? He appears heartbroken. But why?

We believe it's because he is losing much of the CONTROL that he enjoys at the courthouse. That thought has caused him to loose control of his emotions spiraling him out of control. Oh NO!!!

There will soon be a new management team in town (the Courthouse) and he knows it. He also knows that when that happens he will have to follow the same rules that everyone else follows. That will be a NEW DAY in Northampton County...We can't wait!


  1. HERE'S A WAY TO KEEP BERNIE OUT OF THE COURTHOUSE--INSTALL PAY TOILETS. You have to do it for both the men's room and the women's room.

  2. Bernnie hasn't gone bonkers..He is bonkers and always has been..He seriously needs medication..He and his ,anonymous buddies, who are mostly him, attack anyone who defends Steve or Gracedale...OHairy is a pathetic lonely troll with a sad , pathetic life..As you have said, once this administration is gone, Bernie's one friend in the world will no longer be feeding him meat for his blogs..Even though he has his mouth firmly attached now to Callahan's butt he'll be persona non grata to whomever gets elected...Then he'll whither away like the slimy character in the Lord of The rings ( Golum) and never be heard from again..Thank God!..He attacks all the friends of Gracedale because his mentor despises you and them..But what happens in 2014? Bye Bye Birdie, lol..Or bye bye Bernie..He'll then crawl back into his sewer like the rest of the rats on his blog, never to be heard from again..Can't wait..Don't worry Steve..No one takes this snake seriously..He has one friend in the world and Angle, lol. No one else pays much attention to him and his hate blog. He is a sick man..Like you said before, he needs prayer in order to return to the world of normal folks and leave his world of lies and delusions..

  3. I love when the Hairy One gets upset and swtarts smearing himself up in public. You can watch every political figure in the County running away from him. We should get those Cage fighters to give Hairy One a cage so he can smack himself in the face for hours. We could sell tickets! Proceeds go to Lamont's campaign.

  4. I like the idea. he's a pathetic piece of crap he attacked everyone who support Gracedale. Yesterday it was Steve today it's Gregory.he's a sick man .

  5. He truley is. Remeebr how he attacked Ron Heckman when Ron came to meetings to fight the sale of Gracedale? Stoffa and O'Hare are nasty, mean people and we all know they go after anyone that disagrees with them. Stoffa was telling people Heckman wanted staff to not have safe working conditions. Yet Stoffa let the buildings rot for the past seven eyars. What kind of mean spirited idiot says things like that?

    I thank God we have some people with the courage to stand up to these people. To bad we don't have more on county council.

  6. We will have more next year for sure..The Republican reign of terror will end and OHairy will be ignored and banished from the courthouse as he should be..Our hope is that this year ends quickly..Ten months to go.