Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Deceptions Are Real!

Over the last several years we have exposed the lies perpetrated by County Executive John Stoffa, OUSTED Councilmen  Ron Angle, and the nonsensical ignoramus Bernie O'Hare.

All three will claim they have never lied to the people of Northampton County, but we won't take their word for it, we will watch the council meeting video dated February 17, 2011. During that meeting it will be very evident that Stoffa-Gift is real. STOFFA-GIFT is not a figment of any ones imagination. It is indeed, very real. Click here to view "The Decievers"

To understand their deceptions we must go back to the days when they also told us over and over again, that to keep Gracedale in county hands taxes would have to be increased by 15-18-20, no, a whopping 30 percent before the vote. And what did we say?

What do we know today? That Lamont McClure and Steve Barron were correct - To keep Gracedale in county hands an increase of taxes was not necessary.

How do we know? Good question...because it hasn't happened to date.

When Mr. Angle suggested (as his so often did), that there were not five votes to increase taxes, he was right!

But the question that begs answering is: Why were their not five votes if it was actually necessary?

Simple!!! Because every councilperson knew that there was in fact 62 million dollars in reserves. And for political reasons, those funds would be tapped before anyone would vote for an increase in taxes. You see...they all knew it.

Ladies and gentlemen of Northampton County, taxpayers, electors...when we say they lied - we can back it up. When they say we lied, they are just blowing smoke. In fact, they are lying again.

COAF has never ever done anything more than stand up for the rights of the people of Northampton County, and especially those that pay the bills "Joe Taxpayer."

What we have been forced to endure in order to represent the folks of Northampton County (because they were not representing us) has at times been painful...but make no mistake about it - We would do all over again in a heart beat...because we believe in doing what's right all the time, not just when it's convenient.

WE THE PEOPLE have nothing to hide, and plenty to share! So we extend a challenge to Mr. Stoffa, Mr. Angle, and the nonsensical ignoramus - We will debate the issue(s) with them at a mutually convenient time and place (must be open to all county residents). All they have to do is say they agree, and WE THE PEOPLE will prove once and for all who the real liars are! 


  1. Did you hear that Bernie? You are being called out. But you are such a coward I bet you won't DARE respond to this challenge. You are only able to function when you're controlling what other poeople say on your blog. You say you like to argue--well then SHOW UP TO THE DEBATE or wear a sign saying you are a COWARD!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen of Norco.

    Please forgive us for turning on the moderation feature...we have to because Bernie (presents himself as someone else) has been posting inappropriate comments seemingly to try and trap us.

    We promise to post each and every comment that is received with the exception of those we know come from him.

    He is not allowed on this blog because he won't allow us on his.

    Thank you so much for your understanding.


  3. Stoffa lied about taxes. He thought he could frighten the voters and get them to act to hurt the elderly people and staff at Gracedale. But Stoffa also thought he was the dictator and tried to deprive the voters of the chance to say what they thought. Stoffa is the WORST COUNTY EXECUTIVE EVER because he thought he was God.

  4. Where was that photo of our very own Axis of Evil(Stoffa, O'Hate, Angle)taken? Looks like tic toc or williams family diner. Was that a regular occurrence, because it's pretty damning evidence of a secret cabal.

  5. Word on the street is, Not only them, some more counsel people show up there after the counsel meetings.