Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Do We Elect Representatives?

The simple answer - To represent our interest!

What happens in America as a direct result of our selections in the voting booth will in all cases affect and impact our lives in either a positive or negative way. Understanding this fact is essential to any borough, town, city, or county, within any state of our proud Country.

As registered voters, COAF seeks the best candidates to represent our Gracedale. And who exactly is "our"? It is all of the folks within the county who understand the dynamic and vital value of Gracedale.

Our (COAF) involvement is in your interest. We understand just how busy we all are in our daily lives, and so we have chosen to stay involved in a matter of great interest and importance to 23,391 citizens/electors who signed our petitions to keep Gracedale where she belongs - In County hands.

Our experience during our involvement is what we share with the county as a whole, so that the county can make an informed decision at the polls.

We're not telling anyone who to vote for! We're expressing to you who we support and why. What we state here is not an attack of any is the truth!

Bethlehem Mayor Callahan is being lifted high at this very moment, as if he is so great. However, there are some questions that need to be asked relating to his character, which when asked and answered will surely bring Mr. Callahan back down to earth, where we can see him for what, and for who, he really is.

On May 17, 2011 the Easton Patch reported that "With 100 percent of the returns in, voters approved a referendum Tuesday that bars the county from selling the home for five years by a margin of 19,384 to 7,302. " See: Voters Reject Gracedale Sale! 

Yes, approximately 74 % of the vote said: "we want Gracedale in county hands". And what did Mr. Callahan say? He said: It's not my problem!

Mr. Callahan discovered it was in-fact his problem too! As Mayor of the City Bethlehem his responsibilities were to the people who reside within the boundaries of our great Northampton County. Many folks in Bethlehem have loved ones in the care of our Gracedale. Many folks of Bethlehem will some day require the care of our Gracedale. But to Mr. Callahan (a resident of Northampton County himself), it just wasn't his problem, until recently...for political reasons it became his problem. And when the smoke cleared, Mr. Callahan placed a podium on a Gracedale path and said: I love Gracedale. The folks present for the announcement asked: Where were you when it mattered? The response was: It was not my problem!

When We The People of the county were struggling in a process which eventually made history, we conclude Mr. Callahan was merely sitting on a fence considering his future!

He understood that he could not run for Mayor of Bethlehem again, and so he considered the private sector, who (as we understand it) pointed him to the exit door (because for various reasons there was no interest in him). So he looked at the political positions available at the end of his term, and then set his sights on County Executive. A fairly good paying job, which soon he will be in need of.

Mr. Callahan may have done some positive things for Bethlehem, but he is also said to have done some less than honest or honorable things, such as: Callahan cover-up!

Our involvement has led us to recognize that at this point in time there is but one candidate worthy of our vote - Lamont McClure. He is the right choice to serve us as County Executive because he exposes the truth for all to see.

He promises to continue to protect Gracedale! And we have witnessed him in action, at times "the lone Councilman" fighting to keep Gracedale where she belongs, in the loving hands of the County.

Remember come election day that Mr. Callahan said: It's not my problem! While Mr. McClure rolled up his sleeves and said: I will fight for what is right! And I will fight for what is in the best interest of We The People!!!

That's exactly what he did!

And yes...he is one of the reasons that Gracedale has been (for the moment) protected.

The County electors cannot put Gracedale at risk by electing someone other than...
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

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