Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Our Opinion...

...Callahan is a WUSSY!

During Mr. Rendell's endorsement of John Callahan Yesterday, he had this to say: "We need someone who isn't a wuss. Too many elected officials don't have the courage of their own convictions. If you run for office and you don't believe that there's some things you want to get done, some things you want to protect against, that are important enough to risk your job, then save us the trouble. Don't run. Don't run."

While we respectfully disagree with Mr. Rendell's assessment relating to Mr. Callahan's strength and courage (not a wuss), we do agree with him that Mr. Callahan should save us the trouble and not even run! Not Even run!!!

Mr. Rendell also said: "I do believe that government has a job to do in promoting growth, but also in protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Our very youngest, our very oldest, our disabled, our challenged. We have to be there for them. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And we have to create opportunities for people who've never had opportunities. I think government can do that if it's led by someone with a great heart."

Again, we say this respectfully. Mr. Callahan had the opportunity to do just what Rendell suggested "protect", but he chose instead to ignore. That is an established fact. There is no great heart in ignoring Gracedale, the home of those in true need of our care.

He also said: "You have to have the courage. Do you know what the most difficult thing to do in politics is? When public opinion is against something and you know you gotta' do that because, in the long run, it's gonna' come out well for the public. You gotta' have the courage to do it."

Yes, we do agree with these three statements. However, we just don't agree that they speak to Mr. Callahan's character, who for political reasons chose not to engage in the fight to save Gracedale, nor did he even stand up for the sale...He just sat on the fence to see what would happen.

Ask the defeated Ron Angle how he feels about that! Even he had the courage to take a stand (even if it was on the wrong side!).

We believe the honorable Governor (former) would agree with us...the easiest thing to do is just sit on the fence and wait - Anyone can do degree necessary!

We feel these three statements best apply instead to: Lamont McClure...

...who displayed the courage of ten lions when forced to stand alone for the well being of Gracedale!

And whom by his actions provided the very protection required by our very oldest, our disabled, and our challenged.

When it mattered most, who was it that demonstrated the courage of his own convictions? And who was it who acted in accordance to his own beliefs, especially in spite of the constant ridicule and criticism from the majority of County Council at the time, as well as the sitting Executive John Stoffa?

And who was it that heard the cries of the taxpayers - Was it John Callahan??? NO, absolutely not!!!
Lamont McClure
It was...Lamont McClure
The PEOPLES choice for County Executive


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Hey Bernie... Remember when you reported about Barron being a good fraud expert. That $83,000 he recovered for a widdow... You don't here is the post:

    Oh and this was the comment you left in the post:

    Actually, no Longoon ever helped a widow recover $83,000. Steve has been a good Controller and has used his expertise to help someone. Only a twisted moron could complain about that, or anonymously slam someone for giving Steve a well-needed pat on the back.

    The simple reality is that I fail to acknowledge what Steve is doing most of the time. I do not have his understanding of audits and have a difficult time explaining them. But he is working hard and would be the first to tell you he has a very good staff behind him.

    What's sad about all this is that these attacks are not coming from the Rs, but from jealous Democrats who don't like to see someone so young succeed.

    Ignore these cowardly trolls, Steve. The rest of us do.

    Then Barron smelled out the Gracedale lies and the other BS on this blog. Let's be real. You don't like Barron's opinions these days, but he's good at his job and does a lot for a lot of people.

    Why are you always building people up just to put them down?

    Your existence must be lonely and horrible.

  2. Bernie has $50,000 coming to him so don't worry his blogging should slow down slightly when he is rolling in dinero, maybe he will take the C.O.A.F out to Old Country Buffet.

  3. Callahan has bought O'Hare, just as Angle and Stoffa had in the past. O'Hare is terrified that someone other than Callahan will win. Who knows what his price was this time. Maybe a new Ipad or his rent paid.

    O'Hare's blog is now a full blown campaign machine for Callahan and Seyfried, who are working together. It is also a hate blog for other cnaidates he is told to ignore or attack.

    You are right, Callahan played politics with Gracedale. Will he really take a stand for it in the future? He doesn't want to be county execuitve, he doesn't even know wehat the county does. He needs an elected position to run for the next big job he really wants, Congress? Governor?

    It is sad that so many political people are selling out tot the highest bidder but they know the fat contracts that await if Mr. Casino wins.

    You are right, everything old pol for hire Rendell said was a joke because not one of those things apply to Callahan.

  4. You guys R actually the only ones doing the right thing!


  5. You are smart not to buy the bulls&@t, good for you. O'Hare has a lousy reputation and is a known liar and thief. He stole from a poor old man and it cost him his abiltiy to practice law. Now he has the gall to preach to others about what is right and wrong. I think Callahan made a big mistake hiring O'Hare. I don't think Callahan even realizes how deep the feelings aobut the Gracedale betrayal run. They think it is all over and the people's memory is that short. That is part of the reason I am saddend by Jerry Seyfireds sellout to Callahan to get elceted.

    Both O'Hare and Callahan will find out on election night.