Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our First Choice...

...For County Executive is Lamont McClure!

When we say first, let it be understood that we feel that all three democrats running for the office of County Executive bring something unique to the table, however, only one stood alone on the Gracedale sale issue...And that was Lamont McClure. No one can argue that point!

When the time comes to Vote, remember that none other fought for Gracedale like Mr. McClure did. He stood firmly on the rock of truth. He presented facts that could not be disputed. He was mocked and he was ridiculed, but he took the punishment that came his way. He didn't complain, and he didn't collapse. He served us well.

The foes of the County would have you believe that Mr. McClure has a terrible committee attendance record, but that just isn't true. Because of his work responsibilities, he attends (just like us) many of the committee meetings on-line (they just don't take attendance on line), and when he attends the Council meetings, he is prepared with questions that make sense based on his on-line attendance. 

How do we know that? Because while we do not physically attend all committee meetings either (we attend on-line as well), we do attend council meetings regularly (our record is excellent), and we have witnessed Mr. McClure first hand (during Council meetings) represent us over and over again.

Mr. McClure promises to:
  • Maintain and Provide for the Future of Gracedale
  • Preserving and Protecting Open Space and Environmentally Sensitive Land
  • Investing in Economic Development so we continue to enhance and improve the quality of life in Northampton County.

Lamont McClure
...for County Executive


  1. Word on the street is, a member of the COAF, has been to every counsel meeting for 4 years . What is bo record? not that good, is it? bo rcord of bashing people is good, helping the county move forward is not good, it is horable.

  2. word on the street is. Where was Calahan during the Stoffa Angle ohare push to sell Gracedale? It uas not his problem. Now he wants to be EX it became his problem, a little to late effort. It has been Lamonts problem from DAY ONE. He stayed with us and we won. 74% of the voters wanted to keep Gracedale. THANK YOU LAMONT, FOR CARING FOR THOSE WHO CANT SPEAK FOR THEM SELFS.

  3. Did you guys seen Lamont's billboard on 22. It is between 33 and 25ths Street and you can see it on bothsides of the highway.

    He is really putting together a nice campaign. Keep fighting for him! He is the best hope for Gracedale.

  4. In 7 years, Lamont McClure has one of the if not the highest attendance rating at regular meetings of Council. A few years ago the Express Times did a review of attendance and found McClure to be rated at 87%. MCall columnist, Bill White, a frequent McClure critic has McClure's attendance last year at 78%. The truth is that O'Hare's numbers are simply made up. Like his numbers on Gracedale were.

  5. You have to expect this. The Callahan clan knows it needs to attack Lamont McClure in order to win. That is why Callahan has also supplied his own list of "favored" candidates for county council.

    He not only wants to be county executive but wants the kind of head nodding council members we have had for the past four years. Please help good and honest people.

    Please, I beg of you. Never Again!

  6. Word on the street is, Why is Callahn against the trades union? Is he anti union and why does he need the help of Gracedale to win? The only time i saw him at Gracedale was when he gave his ra ra ra speach . Have not seen him since. How did he find the place?

  7. O'Hare ios stivking by his need for a 30% tax increase. He blames not having it on McClure. O'Hare claims the county will need a tax increase next year that is even larger than 30%.

    This is another time whan the Callahan klan is using O'Hare to try the same scare tactic Stoffa had him use to try and dump Gracedale.

    It is pathetic to see O'Hare still think he can fool people just becasue his nrw handler asked him to.

  8. Bernie I would not call McClure's support weak. He has Barron (2x county elected official), Morganelli (a possible Lt. Gov Candidate and current DA), Ken Kraft (who wile his union gave to Callahan is circulating for Lamont). It is not what I would call weak. Also all those people who are elected that circulate for him can actually vote for him. Unlike Cartwright who can't vote for Callahan.

    Callahan has Panto (that is no real surprise), but will Panto's people work as hard for Callahan as they do for him. I doubt it.

    I also would not call COAF weak. They survived getting over 20,000 signatures, constant critisism from your blog, two courtcases that were appealed to higher courts, won the referendum with 74% agreeing with them, took out Ron Angle, got all their pet candidates elected and continue to be involved.

    Honestly... this look slike a strong grass roots campaign to me.

  9. Bernie,
    The only circulator that you are EXPOSING is yourself.
    From what these different blogs say, you had more exposure circulating around in west easton than anyone.
    Choose another word, this one makes me laugh.

  10. Frankly who cares who circulated pettitons for whom, unless the circulators are not registered and not county rssidents. Most canididates will gladly take any help they can get.

    In county races 250 signatures may not sound like a lot but in three weeks, weather, personal issues and people not home and screwed uop signatures can make it difficult.

    I think you are reading to much into all this. In fact, it sounds like just another excuse to slam anyone who was asisted by anyone you consider "an enemy of the state".

    Really pathetic Bernie. Time to let it go. The Gracedale issue has been decided.

    1. Word on the street is, You do not have to be a county resident to circulate pettitons.

  11. O'Hare has been ordered to smear any candidate that the COAF and the Gracedale folks circulated for. He can circulate for Callahan and Seyfried but he wants to smear other people the union supprts. Wonder who told him to do that?

  12. With Angle gone and Stoffa on the way out the door, O'Hare is working overtime to spin stories for his new boss John Callahan. People know the story with Bernie O'Hare so we will see if Callahan buying O'Hare will be a winning strategy. He pushed the lies and failed policies of Angle and Stoffa but who knows.

    It is clear that O'Hare has been given his orders to smear Reibman and McClure at all costs. Some say he will even try to smear a council candidate or two, I hope he doesn't sink that low. I am disappointed in Mayor Panto, who claimed to support Gracedale. I guess nmoney talks for most politicans.

    That only means we all have to work that much harder for our good candidates running for county offices. If Callahan squeeks thiought, at least we can have help on county ocuncil to stop and expose any funny business.

    I am very dissapointed the Callaahn machine felt the need to use O'Hare's hate blog as its information spin machine. Especially given O'Hares history in missinformation and hate on county issues.

    Never Forget!

  13. IT HAS LONG BEEN RUMORED THAT O'HARE STOFFA and Angle have conspired with Callahan long ago for the Executive transition, to maintain their perks and privilages. Sadly Callahan will learn the hard way when he is easily defeated in the primary.

    The trio of O'Hare, Stoffa and Angle will be ejected like bad balogney and left to rot in a garbage canister headed for the Chrins landfill.

    The odor will be the same, geography different. O'Hare is a despondant depressed and lost vile lunatic who cant take rejection. He was born a hater and will always have a victim.

    It only takes one victim to revolt and bash him through the courts until he lands in jail where he has long since belonged. Hail and praise to the COAF. Stand strong, never stop fighting and God Bless.