Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Prayer For Bernie...

...For a moment I will take off my armor of say a prayer for he who considers himself my enemy...

Oh heavenly Father, I come to you today in prayer, not for myself, but for my brother in Christ Bernie...even if he doesn't see himself as such - I do.

Lord, Bernie has been lost all of his life as was I, but you shone your light that I may see it, and witnessing your love firsthand has transformed my life in ways that Bernie cannot fathom...please do the same for him.

I battle him in your name Lord, to further your kingdom, but I also love him in your name as you command.

I intercede on his behalf Lord, asking you to remove the scales from his eyes that he may see you as I have...let him see that Love is always greater than Hate!

Please remove his stone black heart and replace it with one that will be soft and gentle without hate or hostility; one which is at peace and recognizes you for who you are -  The great "I AM" almighty.

Help him understands that one day soon you will put an end to all this madness. And that he could be part of your family, or perish forever, the choice is his. Help him discover you Lord before it is too late.

In the glorious name of Jesus I pray...Amen

Now, I don my armor of God help protect the innocent of Northampton County,  and the widows and orphans of Gracedale.

Matthew 5:43-45 says:
43“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.



  1. I'm tempted but out of respect for the rev I won't

    1. You have a better chance turning Satan from the.dark side. Bernie is.a lost soul. He makes Darth Vader seem like Prince.charming

    2. No one is out of the reach of God!

  2. Hope you are right about O'Hare. However, he still has shut down comments on his hate blg from people except his preprogrammed haters. So we will see.

  3. ch and if he is so is his protege O'Hare. That creep is nasty and hateful I

  4. Ok..half of my comment got cut off...You said no one is out of the reach of god..Well apparently satan is for whatever reason..Probably, like ohare because he is a evil, nasty, hateful, and despicable soul with no hope for redemptio...So if you are going to try to save Ohairy's soul than you'll need a hundred thousand more prayers at least to save him and turn him from the dark side..Best of luck with that..

  5. I don't want O'Hare to change. I want him to croak. OK, painlessly if you insist.


  7. If O'Hare was to relinquish his hate, find God, and live with Jesus, he would have to begin with a confession of his sins. In the Catholic faith, this is done one on one with a priest inside a confessional. The priest hears you, then assigns you a number of prayers that are in sync with the magnitude of your sins.

    Unfortunately, the Catholic church would have to import priests from all over the world, assign them to 4 hour shifts, in sequence, for at least one year, to hear the sins of O'Hare. His assignment of prayers would take him at least a decade to recite.

    Perhaps its best if all of us stand in unison, save the Catholic Church some time, and pray the devil back to hell. Kersplat.........PERFECT!

  8. They aren't over the line..people are being honest..The reverand honestly feels with prayer , Bernie can be turned from the dark side....Most people doubt that, and with good reason..guess only time will tell.

  9. Anon 3:44, I tend to agree the statements you cite are cruel and unnecessary. Now you know how victims of the O'Hare hate blog feel when O'Hare and his poison posse go after good people he hates. Or people he is told to destroy by Stoffa and his gang. For example Maryann Schmoyer is a nce lady who is passionate about Gracedale, the things O'Hare has written about her are beyond contempt. He owes the lady an apology, she will never get.

    So once agin, this is like looking in a mirror for you O'hare lovers. Please ask him to respect others and be truthful and maybe he will get the same in return. The Rev. is praying for Bernie becasue the Reverand is a man of God. Many of us don't care about O'Hare's soul because he is a bitter, vile and vindictive man, just like his patrons Ron Angle and John Stoffa.

    So think about that. By the way the COAF is not intimidated by O'Hare and his posse's threats of a lawsuit. Put up or shut up. O'Hare is no longer feared and neither are you.

    Practice what you preach.

  10. My prayer is sincere. I certainly do not condone nor agree with some of the comments posted here, and yes I do understand that under the cover of anon some of these comments may actually be Bernie himself. I understand that he may be using someone else's device and some other location to avoid MAC address or IP address detection. I really don't care about that because my prayer is sincere.

    But, I would like everyone who is not Bernie and has posted a comment here to truly look in the mirror. It's been said that if you want to change the world you can start by changing the man/woman in the mirror.

    Also, please understand that if you can't change your thoughts, and you can't change your heart, you can't change anything!

    Personally, the best comment here was the first one, which indicates that temptation was present, but good morals helped fight the temptation.

    May God Bless all of us!


  11. We will dutifully pray in agreement with you for Bernie's salvation.

  12. I'm sure your prayer is sincere..You and your group do good work.."Let them be known by their works"..However, as 4:08 mentioned the work of Ohare and his "poison posse"
    (love that comment, well said) is all about hate, revenge, lies , distorntions of the truth, and so on and so on..God hates liars, so my guess is that OHare has alot of redeeming to do before God would even glance his way..

  13. BO you're got caught!!!

  14. We have enabled comment moderation because BO has decided to play his childish games.

    All this means is that we will review the comments before posting them. If we believe the comment is coming from BO it will not be posted. If anyone's comment is not posted and you are not BO all we ask is that you provide us evidence at that's your not BO and we will then post the comment.

    Thank you all for your understanding.

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