Monday, March 18, 2013

Desperate Men...

...Do desperate things.
Does someone need a bill board?

It has become quiet clear that Lamont McClure is a real threat to those opposing him. If not, then why are they acting so desperately?

Consider John Callahan, a fine gentlemen, who saw Gracedale as "not his problem" until he decided to make a run for the County Executive seat in Northampton County. Then he saw Gracedale as a sure way to get elected so he made his announcement from the entrance path at Gracedale.

Peek-a-boo, we see you!
The biggest problem that Mr. Callahan has right now is not a McClure billboard on 22 - Its his alliance with the less than honest and less than honorable nonsensical ignoramus.

If Mr. Callahan really wanted to win, why would he associate himself with a known deceiver like the nonsensical ignoramus? Hmmm???

The photo to the left depicts just how despicable he is. Always on the prowl to destroy and devour anyone who gets in the way of his plans. NIs' problem is we always seem to know where he is, and we can see right through him.

23,391 supported Gracedale... could have been 23,392 with Mr. Callahan
If Callahan really wanted to use Gracedale as a means to secure an elected position, then why didn't he stand up for Gracedale when it mattered? That's a fair question Mr. Callahan...can you please give us an answer?

We suggest that if he had done so he would have had an easy campaign. But because he failed to stand with 23,391 electors, his campaign will not be so easy. In fact, it will be reduced to what we're seeing today - nothing more than mud slinging on his part.

And his association with a known liar can only hurt his chances even more!

We have been asked: Who do we support for County Executive? We answer: that's a no brainer...Lamont McClure - Because he stood up (at times alone) for Gracedale, and we will never forget that.


  1. While some residents have complained, many have no problem with the billboard and think McClure's kinda handsome. In the Callahan camp, as long as you are putting your opponent on the defensive about insignificant things, you are not being forced to answer substantive questions about shady financial dealings and cover-ups of family members who crashed city police cruisers and handed the bill to taxpayers. Callahan is about to take his sleaze county-wide and we're discussing billboards and lawn sides. Well played, John. You could get drunk and strangle your wife in front of the kids and you'll still be defended here. What's a police cruiser cost?

  2. It's funny how so many politicians do whatever they feel like it and get away with it like what you guys refer to as stoffa gift, but when someone other than the politicians make a mistake like missing a disclaimer, you want to hang the person.

    I don't personally know who paid for the McClure billboard but to ask McClure to have the person who posted the ad to remove it has to be among the dumbest things I have ever heard.

    Truly, what politician out there would do that? Not even Callahan would do that, or in other words especially Callahan wouldn't do that.

    And, if any folks are really complaining, are they annoyed with McClure or with the sign itself?

    In the mist of such an important election such as this one, we're dealing with this garbage. Get a life.

  3. When Abe had his billboards up for John Stoffa, there was no disclaimer. Poor John Stoffa was totally unaware of Abe's generosity. Bernie O'Hare tells us he was with Stoffa when Stoffa found and and old John was just shocked, Abe would do such a thing.

    I guess we will just have to take Mr. O'Hare's word on that one.

    1. Who would be foolish enough to take the word of a liar?

  4. Does McClure own the signs in question?

  5. funny...what mud has callahan slung at Lamont? None, to my knowledge. You guys hold him responsible for whatever Ohare writes, but the fact his Ohare writes what he writes.

  6. Who dresses O'Hare? I've never seen anybody creepier. He looks the way he writes.

  7. Your right! Wrong! Callahan was overheard asking O'Hare if O'Hare wanted to ask him any ???s, and then they both laughed when Bernie said no, you made me wait in the cold for too long. Guess when that was?

    If Callahan didn't want O'Hare on his side writing the crap that he does, he would publically and openly distance himself from O'Hare. He hasn't done that has he?

  8. well, just because you guys hate someone, doesn't mean everybody has to hate them.

    Abe Atiyeh backed Stoffa. Now he's backing Lamont. Wouldn't the same logic present itself here?

    1. We think you are confusing us with Bernie. We don't hate anyone! And that's a fact. We don't advocate hate period. We are entitled however, to hold our elected officials accountable because that's our right. That in no way means that we hate them. We don't even hate Bernie, although we do dislike his deceptions.

  9. I shall never believe that Bernie is not doing Callahan's bidding. I would have to see some type of proof because I am now seeing and hearing EXACTLY the same type of crap and lies that I heard from the last go around with the infamous threesome.
    As far as I can tell, Callahan-who I do not know personally-cannot be so stupid as to let this Bernie connection stand. But,so far, it all seems to point to a SLICK move by a Mr. Slick Mayor.
    If the mayor is smart, he will quickly get rid of that weight around his neck, unless of course, he is just using BO.

  10. Pray the Devil back to hell. He's the one standing behind the flag. I think that constitutes blasphemy. What a sadistic looking cretin! Nauseating