Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Should Politics Be Everyones Advocation?

We believe the answer is yes!

Why - Because politics affect everyone. There is no getting around that fact. Most people don't realize that their lack of involvement sometimes lead to community failures.

How so - Well, let us consider Gracedale. If we do not elect the right politicians, then it is very possible the wrong politicians will try to sell Gracedale soon. Forcing us to go through another initiative to keep Gracedale in County hands, where we feel she belongs.

We must be aware. Hence, we are making Nor-Co aware. That any person seeking a term in any political office, and who says they are not a politician, does not deserve our vote.

Why not - Because every great statesman is (of necessity) a great politician.

Is there a problem in todays political world? Yes, many folks who enter the political arena do so with a private agenda in place. Every political hopeful should have an agenda, no doubt about that. However, it shouldn't be a private agenda, it should be a public agenda. This simply means that the service of the politician is to the public as opposed to self.

A good politician should also have devotion to a cause. This cause may be humanitarian, national, social, religious, or cultural. He/She can look at realities calmly and with concentration.

Since politics is the "art of possible," the politician must always decide what is possible and what is not.

A good politician in a democracy should also have a sense of responsibility. He should not hold power for his own sake but for the good of the community.

Lastly - To be a politician a person must frequently "take a stand. In many cases he/she will have to stand alone."
And who do we know has done just that?

Lamont McClure
That's why we support him For County Executive 

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  1. I am voting of one county council candidate. He is the only one to stand up for Gracedale and the county's elderly and disabled people when it counted.