Friday, March 15, 2013

What Do We Want...

...In our elected representation?

Unlike Mr. Stoffa who brought us STOFFA-GIFT, we want honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness. Integrity also comes to mind. You know...someone that won't steal, cheat of lie!

We desire to elect a person who is caring, compassionate, and benevolent. And who understands that Civic Duty encompasses abiding by all governing laws and rules of the land.

He/She will possess unspeakable courage to do what is right always. They will be willing to sacrifice when sacrifice is necessary without complaint or collapse.

He/She will maintain their self-control, always remaining calm and rational, even under conditions of temptation, stress. Understanding that self-respect is the root of discipline:  The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. 

He/She will be fair and just, applying all rules, regulations and laws equitably.

He/She will be cooperative, willing to get along with others, and committed to the concepts of neighborhood, society, and country.

The ideal candidate will keep his/her promises, and will be diligent and persevering.

He/She will take ownership of their own errors, be accountable, dependable and amenable. Considers consequences and accepts responsibility for their actions or lack of action...

...Just to name a few qualities we're looking for...Do we know anyone with these qualities? YES...

Lamont McClure
For County Executive


  1. Mr. O'Hare is attacking Lamont McClure for honestly acceopting help from Abe Attiyah with billboards. Yet O'Hare claims that Stoffa was totally unaware of the help Attiyah gave him, so he did no wrong, Stoffa failed to claim the inkind contribution.

    It is clear that now that O'Hare sees Stoffa on the way ount he is workig overtime for his new master John Callaham.

    1. Word on the street is, why is the county paying the 50,00.00 to Attiyah for his 50,000.00 to west easton for the drug lounge. Stoffa paid that over the apprased price for the jail, why?

  2. Bernie needs to be asked a few questions ? Isn't Callahan the candidate that got find by the FEC for violation of Federal Campaign law ? Is Callhan the candidate that got find by the County for violation of state campaign law ?