Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moo...this Milk Taste Bad ;-)

HA HA HA - You just can't make this up - HA HA HA

 Here it appears that Angle is trying to force a cow to do something that the cow does not want to do...it looks like he's trying to make the cow milk him, funny HA HA HA.

Look at the cows eye...she looks so angry, so scorned because Angle has not been around for the last four years, but all of a sudden Angle wants something from the cow - (perhaps her vote) but the cow is not willing to give it up to Angle...HA HA HA...oha HAAA HAAAA HAAAAA - oh man this is too funny :-)

From another more serious prospective, it looks like Angle cares more about the cow than he ever has about the residents of Gracedale, or the residents of the county for that matter.

We heard today that he spent in the area of 42k so far on this campaign trash. It would have probably served him more to donate the money to say - I don't know maybe, hmm - Gracedale, or some other worthy cause.

Hee hee hee - Hahaha...Curiosity begs the question, what else does he do with the cow - kick it like the O'Hare kicks pigs?

The Real Deal
Man We Can't Stop Laughing


  1. Only one word to describe HYSTERICAL!!! Ron Angle showing what compassion to a cow hahahaha!

  2. Even the cow has not seen him around for 4 years. I guess he is now thirsty for milk.
    So, he comes around trying to get something else for himself.
    Angle shares when their is something in it for him.
    He, in this picture, is treating the cow better than he has treated NORCO's sick and elderly,even a member of his own family.
    Word on the street was that Uncle Jimmy spent 2 months on ice in the morgue at Gracedale, and Angle waited for the County to bury him. Angle's gain: no burial expenses or at least very little. So one can now see that the cow had it better than his uncle.
    Please understand that Uncle Jimmy could not afford to buy his multimillion dollar nephew milk.Jimmy could not give him the milk as easily as could the cow.
    Check out the cow's eye, she is not going to give him FREE milk either. Even the cow is sick and tired of being used.
    Vote for a man of character and integrity-VOTE PARSONS.

    Is Angle trying to convince the cow to vote for him? From the look on the cow's face he doesn't buy the bull that Angle is telling him. JUST LIKE THE VOTERS DIDN'T BUY THE NEED TO SELL GRACEDALE NOR DID UPPER MT. BETHEL WANT A PRISON FOR ILLEGALS IN THEIR COMMUNITY. Talk all you want Angle but the voters know you are just slinging plops.

    vote for Scott Parsons on Nov. 8th

  4. Like it or not. The folks up in District four eat this stuff up. Angle has played this game for years. The only way you beat Angle is to get the truth about him in peoples hands to read for themselves.

    The Press won't do it, probably because his ugly mug sells papers but the candidate running against him should. Without the facts, voters up there will likely vote for the cow licker.

  5. You have all heard of the, "Horse Whisperer". Now we have Bernie O'Hare the ,"Pig Kicker", and Ron Angle the, "Cow Licker".

    That cow looks terrified. She probably knows what happens when Ronnie makes a late nite visit to the barn.


  6. Anon 9:00 is right.

    Look at his influence. He has a blogger that publicly attacks anyone that doesn't agree with him. Blind followers in government like bobble-head. Newspapers happy that he sells papers. And people tossing money at his re-election efforts.