Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What The Media Is Saying


WFMZ STORY - look at Angles expression, tire and betup:


Looks like Tony sees the light - ET

Not sure what Joseph is doing - He gets a TURKEY from us too - ET


  1. One of the things that i think is being overlooked here is how effective the Easton City Democratic Committee and Northampton Chair Walt Garvin were yesterday. If these folks didn't work as hard as they did, Gracedale would be in a lot more trouble than it is today.

  2. Nope, the lesson is that B.O. is a political kiss of death. Look at the list: Angle, Dowd, the Bethlehem R's, Connolly, Salvsen, it goes on and on . . .

  3. The work that all involved did is admirable, however, let us not become arrogant and forget God, whith whom without none of this would be possible.

  4. Crossing fingers bo endorses 'bobble-head' in the future.

    Even her party members have learned not to trust her.

  5. Please stay involved. Stoffa will continue to consult his buddy Angle on all things Gracedale. The tax hike proposal will be blamed on Gracedale.

    One light note. I saw the celebrity buffon Angle on ch69 giving an interview. The fraud told her with a straight face that he knew he would lose. He failed to meintion he spent over $40,000 claiming he knew he would lose. He also claimed he lost because he told the truth about Gracedale.

    Angle will go out as he came in. a fraud and no friend to the people of Northampton county.

  6. No doubt, but the work of Matt Muncie, Larry Loritzen and WallyG really was vital yesterday.

  7. Bobblehead was at the poles handing out cards for angle. What is she going to do when he is not there to coach her? Can she make it by her self? Time will tell.

  8. bo is already predicitng the end times with the loss of Angle. He is already setting up Gracedale as the fall guy for all the mistakes of the Angle/Stoffa gang.

    You guys did great. You saved the day. I am offended that the "Dem party bosses" want to suck up your victory.

    If not for you, the Gracedale refernedum would never have happened, or never have passed or Scott Pardons would never have won. If it had been up to the Party and the union it would have been a disaster.

    God Bless you, for you are the true hero's of the year.

    The Express Times should give the biggest trophy of the year to the COAF. You have accomplished more in one year than any other group or individual. You were more influential in county policy and politics, than Stoffa, Angle, county council, bo, and the Press.

    You desrve the MVP of the year in Northampton County.

    Your frind from the diner.

  9. As I am one who thinks it is never to early to start things. I propose beiginning the search for Theireys<<sp replacement. We need to vet this person thoroughly. Any suggestions don't post in here. Leave the name at the usual location.

  10. Today didn't the air smell that much sweeter, the were birds singing much more harmoniously, the sky a deeper shade of blue, the sun shone that much brighter, I wonder did all of this have anything to do with the fact that the thorn has been removed from the counties side.
    Peace, Sisters and Brothers as we travel through the Promised Land.

  11. Word on the street is, Angle got 2 Million from Chrin for the county,Easton School Bord got 4 MILLION. From Chrin for them. Who got the better deal and who was show boating?

  12. Is B.O, using spyware and malware at his website ?

  13. Word on the street is, Stoffa is still singing the prases of Angle. In two months he will have to deal with the new people comming in and he is starting out with a negitive already, HELL OF A WAY TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE mr stoffa.

  14. I had an alert popup and looked into it. There is a threat of malware which,when investigated showed no incidents in the last 90 days. This could be from sources other than Ohare.

  15. Readers please investigate this for yourselves before logging on to Bernie's site.

  16. Why should anyone want to read anything that Bernie writes?
    He has been wrong since the beginning of the Gracedale discussions.
    He just thinks that he knows what THE PEOPLE want.
    I am one for whom he will never speak.
    Stop reading and put him out of business.