Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Am I Stupid Or What???

Ron Angle trying to pull the wool over our eyes tells us in this mailing that he works just as hard on his farm as he does on county council - REALLY...then why are his clothing so clean? Ron if your going to try and fool the tax payers/voters, start by understanding - YOU CAN'T. We The People have never seen a farmer that has been shoveling manure all day so sparkly clean, never happens.

The Great Deceptive Magician - Ron Angle

You expect us peasants to believe that you are so brilliant, but your standing there insinuating that you are using a hand shovel with a large backhoe shovel in in front of you...that does not seem so brilliant to us peasant folks. Maybe you would have taken a better and more believable photograph by sitting your clean cloths on the backhoe, appearing instead to be using the larger more productive shovel - make sense...does to us common folks.

Ron Angle may as well be a magician because all he does is create illusions. Good folks of D-4, please see this man for what he is...any form of deception is a lie. Are you going to put a deceptive magician back in office...the rest of NorCo is praying you don't. Please know that if it was up to the entire County, Angle will not be re-elected. So please do the right thing for the sake of the entire County:

The Peoples Choice


  1. This man (RA) only hurts district 4 and your wallet.

  2. Tell me what good farmer would EVER allow that much manure to accumulate in the first place. The mailers sent out by Angle just prove even further how far he will go to try to fool the people. It may have worked in the past buddy, but the jig is up. The prison for illegals and the Gracedale issues combined with all your other questionable conduct has done you in. The people have had enough of your lies and embarrassing behavior. Vote SCOTT PARSONS on Nov.8th

  3. The reason there is so much bullshat piled up is because Angle's illegal alien labor had to get out of the picture. Also bullshat is Angle's favorite substance since he brings it to every county council meeting.