Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanks Giving

We would like to wish all a happy and safe Thanks Giving Day.


  1. This year one of the things that I am most grateful for is the Coalition of Alzheimers Families.


  2. And I am grateful for learning the truth...the hard way, but nevertheless, the truth always prevails. God Bless and enjoy your holidays.

  3. well said lamont. chris

  4. This Thanksgiving Iam thankfull for all my fellow members of the coalition and their untiring efforts.Also for all the people that helped our group get to where we are today.
    Thank's Lamount, Tricia, and chris for your comments above.
    "Happy Thanksgiving" to all !

  5. This year I am grateful and thankful for many things, among them - that my Mom is back from the hospital - I am obliged to all the members of County Council that supported our cause, to all of the people who assisted us in the collection of signatures, and to all of the county voters who signed our petitions - I appreciate all the voters who voted to keep Gracedale in county hands - and all of the voters from D4 who did the right thing - I sincerely appreciate all of the members of the coalition whom have become an extension of my family...

    ...but above all, I am especially thankful to the Heavenly Father for loving me unconditionally and without whom the miracles of 2011 would not have been possible, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for delivering on all His promises to me, and to the Holy spirit for guiding me with an accurate moral compass that always kept me on course.

    God bless NorCo, America, and the World.

    Happy Thanks Givings
    Rev. Mario Martinez

  6. I am grateful to all the County Council men and women who did whatever they could to Save and to Protect Gracedale.
    In addition, the same for the many thousands of citizens who signed the petition and were making history in NORCO.
    At the same time, I am also grateful to all the VOTERS who made COAF'S trip into history a successful one.
    The VOTERS also have to be thanked for electing the type of new Councilmen who will be civil, honest, and sincere as they approach all the problems facing our County in 2012.
    As the new year goes on, I believe that all 9 members of Council will be able to work closely together for the betterment of the entire County regardless of political parties.
    Perhaps we can learn from the errors of last year and from what we actually see going on in Washington today.

  7. Concise and accurate comment Alfonso.
    I too thank all of the COAF members and everyone else involved, for their unwavering commitment that made this year one of the most memorable in NorCo history.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  8. A great deal to be thankful for this year. while the year stared with a great challenge, the truth and good prevailed. Thanks to all the folks from COAF, to the elected officials to the people who offered advice and knowledge.

    All helped make this a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  9. Im grateful for a new county council with out Ron Angle, and Mike Doud. YEA BABY.

  10. Word on the street is, the next one to go will be tic tack, followed by bobble head, that would be a good year.

  11. COAF is also very grateful to our legal counsel,Larry Otter,Esq for representing us for so long because he wanted to help.
    Without his generosity, sincerity, honesty,and his sense of ethics, COAF would have never gotten off the ground.
    What a perfect day to express our thanks to a great civil servant.
    COAF and the residents at Gracedale will never forget what he has accomplished.

  12. This
    Thanksgiving I too am Grateful for having the opportunity to be part of COAF. Together with the Council members that supported our efforts, the volunteers who helped gather signatures and especially the voters who voted to keep Gracedale in County hands I say THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DREAM BECOME A REALITY. And I too am very grateful for Larry Otter who is more than our legal representative but has become a very cherished friend. May EVERYONE be Blessed with a Safe, Happy and Holy Holiday Season.

  13. Bo is at it again removing simple sincere postings. He asked a question u answer it and he removes ur comment. If he does not like the answer then why ask the question?

  14. It is what O'Hare does. He is currently harrasing Tom Dietrich. I am sure he has the financial backing of Angle and Stoffa.

    These people are almost tto mean to be saved but God is there for all who repent.

  15. Word on the street is, you did not give bo the answer he wanted to hear, that is why he is removing the comments.

  16. word on the street is, Tom Dietrich is a young man who thinks for himself. He does not follow anyone lead. He will do good for the county goverment, He also stands up for his ideas, not like Angle who takes some one idea and presents as his own.

  17. Word on the street is, bo should go back to his tic tacks. That would be the best thing he could for County Goverment.

  18. I certainly hope Deitrich is savvy enough to produce a note that has embarassing statements about Bernie written on it. Then Bill White can do a column on how these fools spend taxpayers money and take up time in the courts.
    Let's see what would the title be;

    I'm thinking Watergate...without the Water



    any help?

    I wonder if Deitrich reads this blog?

  19. Agree with Winston. If there is a note it may have read, do you think Angle is capable of being an ass, yes or no? Even if bobblehead saw the note, if that is what McHale and Dietrich say they saw, the court will laugh at O'hare And the people will laugh at angle and Bobblehead. Or McHale and Dietrich may not remember anything in which case the court will throw Angle out on his ass. these guys are notes and they are running our county!

    Maybe the note was about the relative size of Angle and O'Hares doodaa's.

  20. Tom probably asked
    Anne "what time is it' Now if that's a breach of the sunshine law the law has gone too far. Why is such a big deal being made of such a private thing. I've seen two council members speak privately to one another on the diaz during the meeting and no one makes a big deal so wha's the difference????

  21. Agree! When Angle was President and sat next to Barb he was always whispring in her ear. What is with O'Hare, he is acting even more crazy than usual. Maybe he is back on the sauce.

  22. I want to know what was the "real" deal in the secret Stoffa, Angle meeting with Chrin. The "pay to play" aspect of this cannot be ignored. It does not matter if you eat stolen food, the food is still stolen.

    This was a terrible episode in local government and of course the Angle/Stoffa news, know as the Express Times, gave these turkeys a trophy for this deal.

  23. Word on the street is, Easton School Board did a deal with Chrin in the open,they told everyone about the meeting. The end item they got 4 Million Angle got 2 Million. I heard that Angle who covers all angles was to bring it back to counsel ,not put it out at a metting. What Angle will not do to make points for an election that he lost, one more month thank you to those who voted.