Monday, November 28, 2011

WOA - 33 Days Remaining

What no one in the last year and half would have predicted has happened - NO ANGLE in the papers or in the news - WOA.

Prior to the election on November 8, there were few if any who would have bet their house that Angle would disappear from the media at large...but it has happened!

No one, including the media is paying Angle any further attention, because as a representative - he no longer matters. A great THANK YOU to Scott Parsons - we believe in you so please, please, please do not fail us.

Angles pit bull is not so ferocious anymore either, ever since he discovered by way of TM that he has nothing more than tic tac's and a tootsie roll going for himself, well, we don't even want to go there, we'll leave that up to TM.

This is not the way The People chose it to be...but the way the 3 stooges challenged it to be - so be it by their wishes.

Mr. Stoffa appears to be laying low - smart...Do the right thing John, you have failed in your challenges against the will of The People, and there is truly nothing you can concoct against the very People that in fact pay your salary, so please - just do the right thing.

NEWS FLASH & UPDATE - All the propaganda that Angle put out about the unions - HE HAD A UNION PRINTER PRINT HIS ELECTION SIGNS...

He likes the unions for something...we guess ;-)


  1. Funny thing is, O'Hare has shut down comments on his Diethrich blog. He is "tired" of th4e hate. he was also tired of everyone telling him what an idiot he is. even friends and allies were telling himn he lost it.
    he still has one ally, Clem(Ron jr.), he will stay with him to the end.

  2. Do u know it is Ron Jr?

  3. I thought Ron Angle was going to provide an alternate budget. I think it was to be with no tax increases. Is that still coming? I think Clem even tried to dissuade Bernie about this line of attack against T.D.
    I too think Clem is Jr.

  4. Look for the union bug on your next print job. Thank you Ron for the suport. Angle budget last year was because he had Stoffa inflate his budget by 19% so he could cut it down by 18% and look good. Another one of Angles back room deals.

  5. Sorry folks but I doubt Stoffa has learned anything. He was at a dinner and apparently told the audience how great Ron Angle is and what a loss to the county.

    I think Stoffa and O'Hare are in a fog now that the puppet master has been tossed.

    I see Stoffa as being the hand of vengeance for Ron Angle. He is already talking about dumping even more county assets. Apparently Gracedale is going to be allowed to decay and wither as per some inside sources.

  6. I hope COAF and this blog stay active in Norco affairs. This blog provides a counterbalance to the lies that Bernie routinely spreads.

  7. Stoffa cannot be that stupid.

  8. You have gone from a noble cause, Gracedale, to discussions about Bernie's penis size. How sad!

  9. There is no penis. Its missing, does not exist and is smaller than a tic tac

  10. So what? What does that have to do with Gracedale? Or anything else? I come here to read about Gracedale, not your grade school antics. Grow up! All you are doing is proving him right.

  11. the man with no dickNovember 29, 2011 at 11:53 AM

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  12. I agree that the O'Hare penis nonsense is getting extreme. O'Hare is a sad, pathetic and evil little man. Like Angle and Stoffa, he has operated as a free agent without press scrutiny.

    This group not only saved Gracedale but has shed some light on the antics of the terrible trio. The media have ignored the lies, and corruption of the Stoffa/Angle years and as a result there are serious problem's in county government. As a result, Gracedale was almost sold based on seriously flawed and misleading information.

    Please stay on the backs of these bums but don't let hateful people turn your blog into another O'Hare hate blog.

    A Real friend

  13. I agree with you enough of the foolishness we all had our laughs, now lets get back to busniess. Keep on top of what is happening at Gracedale and the county.
    Forget about the 2 has beens.

  14. I agree with 1:44 The trio is done. Let's move on to more important issues. I'd rather discuss the progress being made with the new Management group at Gracedale; the budget changes; the DUI center etc.

  15. I have heard some good news coming from an employee . They tell me that they have had regular updates from the new management. They have related much of what has been reported and some other new interesting proposals. Proposals might not be the correct term as they sounded more like new programs, that are going to be instituted.
    I agree the bad jokes have run their course although any new information regarding the daliances of co-conspirators is welcome.

  16. Be cautious when hoping for a dialysis center to bring in revenue. The 2 big companies, Fresenius and DaVita wanted no part of it, I thought I heard. The risk for infection is way too high and dialysis patients can wind up with pneumonia if the wind blows the wrong way. Thats why Dialysis is run in Dialysis centers, and in-patient Dialysis is usually for start-ups, or hospitalized Dialysis patients. New Eastwood Care and Rehab where I worked for 2 years had this idea, and it went nowhere. Sorry to put my 2 cents in on this matter...just sayin

  17. MaryAnn
    I hope all is well at home.
    Keeping positive thoughts for you.

  18. There are many options available to increase revenue at Gracedale other than dialysis. Before they launch ANY new program they have to fix the numerous problems that exist in the admissions department. Beds won't be filled if there are DELAYS that continue to exist in the admission process. I would also take a serious look at the billing department to be sure the correct codes are being used to recoup the maximum reimbursements allowable. I believe the new management group is aware of the problems. Let's be sure Stoffa & Marcus don't handcuff Premier so they won't be able to succeed.

  19. Many private nursing homes have "nurse Liasons" that are placed in the hospitals to ensure that they get first dibbs on any new admissions. They work closely with the case managers at the hospitals. Premier suggested this, and that should help fill some beds. It should have been done long ago. I was offered a nurse liason job in NJ in 2006, but because of budget problems, it never materialized. It certainly is not a new concept, and should have been done a long time ago. I have to wonder if Mr. Granda suggested it, but was shot down. Its common sense and most nursing homes have them.

  20. I am sure he did , plus many other good ideas but when the top brass say no it's no .
    They wanted Gracedale to fail and put the blame on Mr. Granda.

  21. I wasn't going to reveal this, however since you think I meant dialysis, I will clarify.
    I was told they plan to open a floor for short term rehab patients, by April. There were some other things that are in the works however I won't divulge anything else.

  22. Winston Smith,
    my mother is resting comfortably
    Thank You...........

  23. Gracedale was going to do short term rehab 6 years ago just as Stoffa took office. The last Director of Human services had it planned out with the private firm that was brought in to help Gracedale. when Stoffa got there he threw out the plan and the firm.

    Short term rehab is an excellent source of revenue and would indeed be a good thing at Gracedale. One of the problems for the past six years has been Stoffa and Angle wanting Gracedale to fail so they could make a case to sell it. The other is Mr. Marcus doesn't know squat about nursing homes or human services. The guy is just a figurehead appointed by Stoffa to follow his orders.

    The last six years have been the biggest crime regarding Gracedale. This was a designed fail. All of what I said about the past is verifiable. The reports still exist and the people are out there to confirm this.

    In my humble opinion what Stoffa and Angle did and to a degree Marcus was downright irresponsible and practically criminal.

  24. " He was at a dinner and apparently told the audience how great Ron Angle is and what a loss to the county."

    I sincerely doubt there will be any testimonials of this magnitude for Stoffa when he is shown the door.

  25. Has anyone stopped at Dietz's Tavern in Wind Gap for a meal. You have try it as soon as you can. Angle stoped for a Steak Sandwich. Try It.