Friday, November 18, 2011

First Management Report

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  1. Even Cusick got religion in a hurry.

  2. Positive news. Thats' good.
    Two scenarios to contemplate here. Barb must not be running for her seat next time,
    Or her "Svengali" has her HYP-MO-TIZED
    Let us see if and how she changes when the
    former councilman is no longer pulling her strings.

  3. Mrs. Thierry is a nice person. I don't happen to agree with her politics, but she is fundamentally decent. You can see that in her concern with our D&A programs for prisoners. With that being said, I think there is a 50/50 chance she resigns.

  4. Mrs. Thierry may be a nice person but without angle to guide her she'll be lost. It's been obvious to everyone that she's his puppet hence the name 'BOBBLEHEAD".

  5. Premier gave an encouraging presentation prior to last night's Council Meeting. Hopefully, they will be granted the opportunity to implement their ideas so Gracedale's recovery plan can move forward.

  6. Gilbert, Theirry and Dietrich will probably be swept away in '13.

  7. My bets,
    - Gilbert will not run for re-election. Look at what angle did to him. Nobody deserves that.
    - Dietrich will lose the primary. He's finished in the Republican party. Adios Tomas!!!
    - Thierry will run, because she is told to. She has a lot of political debt to repay. She'll win.

  8. Those are good and interesting predictions. I hear Dietrich desperately wants to switch parties but the D's told him no thanks.

  9. If the dems are smart they would recruit him so they could regain majority.

    Isn't B.O. a democrat, I guess he had to get permission too?

  10. No No and NO
    We need new blood, pure blood
    No switching , that shows there is no loyalty.
    That shows lack of values.
    That could also be a ploy.
    And I beg to differ Barb WILL lose.
    After her going away present to Angle last night, be assured,
    I am on the case.

  11. Word on the street is, Tom is not the one that wanted to switch. Barb will lose she said at Consel Meeting that she ran to sell Gracedale. Without angle she does not have a clue what to do. Ann will not be there to bail her out she is buy herself. God help us.

  12. Once they replace bobble head they will have control. I think they should run Minie Mouse against her, I think Minnie could win.

  13. bo may run for council. Some have even said Angle will run for an at large seat in 2013.