Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not to change the subject but:


Remember a few months back Chris Miller stood in front of County Council and called GRACEDALE  a RAT HOLE.

Gracedale is where our sick and elderly of Northampton County live - A RAT HOLE?  

If he would not reach out to help our sick and elderly,  what could he possibly have to offer the youth of our County? Back to one room school house - worked then but not now?

Voter's of Nazareth remember this on election day.


  1. I remember that meeting he also said "that people should take care of their parents at home that is where they belong".
    Any one that knows Chris ask where his Mother is ? We would all like to have our parents at home with us but that is not always possible. The trouble is people don't think before they talk like he is always running the unions down.
    Ask Chris if he is collecting a pension ckeck from the teachers union ?
    He say's there is no jobs out there why doesen't give up his and let someone else work ?
    I guess he needs the money ? that needs it

  2. NAZARETH SAVE YOURSELF!!! If you elect Chris Miller you will be subjected to insufferable schoolboard meetings where he will drone on endlessly about government, pensions and yet he collects ss, teachers pension and works. He has referred to the Moravians as Nazis --that did him in with the TeaParty. He did indeed refer to our beloved Gracedale as a Rat Hole. Ask him why his Mother isn't at home as he insisted the elderly should be, being cared for by families. Please NAZARETH THERE IS TIME---SAVE YOURSELVES.

  3. Worst yet he will bring angle to punish you when you don't adhere to his wishes. this and angle share knuckle-head awards

  4. This man has stood up at County Council meetings and spread garbage about Gracedale and the workers there. His beliefs are full of lies and the sad thing is he's a former teacher and is so uneducated on the beliefs he has. People of Nazareth anyone would be a better choice than him.

  5. Isn't he a friend of "bobble-head"?

  6. I think I heard someone say they live next door to eachother.

  7. He is a T-O-O-L
    The End

  8. collect those school pensions. along with all of your benefits... but all the low paying employees at gracedale should have their pensions cut and all of the benefits lowered. now that is a sincere person!!
    please anyone who can vote in the bushkill area, vote him OUT!!!

  9. While I believe that education in this country has to be reviewed and changed positively, Chris Miller, after I have heard him speak on various occasions, is the very last person who will help the Nazareth School District. He is too much of a zealot.
    As was said before, he wants to take things away from others but he wants his golden parachute to REMAIN in his pocket.

  10. After I heard him call the Moravians who founded Gracedale Communists, I heard all I needed to from Chris Miller.

    He is a teabagger zealot. I am glad he never taught my children.

  11. Nate, Ben, Goerge, Addams, Addams, Hancock, Jefferson, Revere, Abraham, Martin, and JohnNovember 2, 2011 at 11:59 PM

    We don't like him either.

  12. Parsley, Sage, Rosmary, Thyme, Tony Orlando AND DawnNovember 3, 2011 at 12:03 AM

    He actually makes me ill when he speaks of the Founding Fathers like he was tight with them.
    I'd wager a months pay that they would have executed him for treason had he lived back then.

  13. send a real message by not voting him in

  14. I'd like the to change the subject for a minute to Angle's latest mailer.
    It alludes to two major things:
    1. The elderly should be taken care of at home.
    2. If taxes go up seniors are going to lose their homes to sheriffs' sales.

    Not all elderly can or should be cared for at home. Some elderly's health care needs exceed the family's ability to provide the necessary care or there may be serious safety issues involved. An Alzheimer patient needs constant supervision or they may wander off or burn the house down. The elderly forget to take their medication correctly. They are subject to falls and a host of other typses of injuries. Mr. Angle lacks the knowledge of the type of resident that is in Gracedale. He must think they are all as able bodied as the lovely couple pictured on his mailer. He also forgets that some people either have no one locally to care for them or have no one at all. Perhaps had he visited his Uncle Jimmy more he would have seen that the people who reside in Gracedale REALLY need the care Gracedale provides. Oh==if he really is a proponent of keeping the elderly at home why was HIS uncle not at home????

    Regarding people losing their homes to sheriff's sales. Who is the first in line at these sales? None other than Angle. It's been reported he has bo sniffing out who's up for sale and checking out places for him. So Angle isn't the concerned soft hearted person he tries to pretend to be. Folks Angle sings a sad tune all the way to the bank.
    Why didn't he take some of the money he spent on these mailers and help out some of the poor elderly in District 4.
    That would have gotten him more votes than him kissing the cow!


  15. Anon 2:22: The audacity of this man makes my blood BOIL. Thank you for lighting yet another fire under my butt. What would he have us in his substandard code violating housing so that we little people can afford not to work and take care of our elderly parents???
    He is so completely out of touch with reality that it is disgusting. Lets go folks...we can do this!! He CAN be beaten!! Work like you have never worked for any candidate in your life and we will send this dishonorable man packing!!! Go Scott Parsons!

  16. Let Them eat old tastycakes in my substandard apartments. Just be sure the social security is signed over to me first.

    The Man of the People,ra