Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Absolute Miracles

I started my day yesterday in prayer as I normally do, remained in prayer throughout the day, and before going to meet with COAF, I went to my church where every Tuesday we share a meal with the residents of the community who are hungry.

Before taking on my role, I went into the sanctuary and prayed some more, I dropped to my knees and expressed my thanks and gratitude, even if none of our choices prevailed.

I sat and evangelized during the meal with a woman who is struggling with her faith, and I said to her, whatever happens in you life never stop seeking the Lord, for if you seek him he will reveal Himself to you, and he will reward your faithfulness.

After the meal, I went on my way to deal with the election matters of the moment in Wind Gap, to witness four miracles manifest themselves:

1) Scott    Defeat   Ron
2) Bob      Defeat   Mike
3) Ken      Defeat   Seth
4) Steve   Defeat   Salverson

I went to bed late watching the results because one of our five choices was clearly losing. Sometime after midnight I accepted the defeat of: Lamont by Matt, I prayed and thanked the Lord before going to bed that he gave NorCo four of the five we asked for. I awoke this morning to the reality that I serve an awesome God - Lamont WON...another absolute miracle of God. is a new day in our local government. The message has been clearly sent that We The People will hold the folks that we elect accountable and responsible for their actions. Those ousted understand that now, those we have just elected understood it before deciding to run for office. The WILL of The People must be adhered to or failure will result.

In closing - I must remember my Mother, and all the family members of COAF who were afflicted with Alzheimer's in order for the Lord to bring us together as a body to fight this war.

The enemy has been defeated, however, we must continue to fight for the widows and orphans, we must maintain a vigilant eye because you never know when another fire will break out that can bring them harm...and if we stay vigilant and discover it early enough, we can  extinguish the fire before it grows out of control.





  1. Stay vigilant! God Bless and Amen

  2. RMM, Thanks for your help and guidence. it was a long hard road but we did it. Today i'm very proud of what we did. I have used this experience to show my son what a few people brought together can do when doing the right thing. thank you COAF and the GRACEDALE GOONS for the help, without you we would be nowhere and in big trouble. GOD BLESS NORCO,COAF,AMERICA ,AND GRACEDALE. Barb, Bruce John we are watching. Chris HAPPY DANCE

  3. Now hopefully Council will Toss out that idiot Cusick who has slammed the unions and opposed keeping gracedale public from the start..If they cant get a Dem then vote for Ferraro..She has been more supportive of Gracedale than any of the Republicans