Saturday, November 5, 2011

Who Is This Years Biggest TURKEY?

Express Times
for manipulation.


  1. I am not an elected official so I can say this.....presstitutes. Wake up Northampton County! The presstitutes are bought and paid for by a wealthy tyrant and his corporate cronies! Your vital services will be stripped from you if you do not wake up! We are like frogs being slowly boiled to death in a pot......jump out of the pot before it is too late. Do not vote for Ron Angle or he will steal the vital services that you have paid into for your entire favor of his own pet projects that only benefit him.

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  4. We do not need vulgar O'Hare type comments. I agree that the Easton Express in thier undying love of money would endorse the Devil himself if it made them an extra dime.

    They know that Ron Angle is harmfull to government and that the magical budget of last year was a shellgame that has now fallen apart.

    The EE doesn't care about the government or the voters or the citizens, they care about their headlines. The old media saying, If it bleeds it leads". Well Angle treats the governed like animals to be slaughtered so he is a perfect match for Till and Owens.

  5. There is only one turkey and that is
    At least he think's he is the way he struts around but this time he is going to get his feathers ruffled and remember soon turkey season opens. Nov. 8 th it is going to be good buy Ron. Soon you will have more time to spend with your frogs, your cow's , shovling cow plop,
    hanging on a limb of your apple tree's, time chatting with your neighbors,butting heads with raindrop,running with the elephants.
    There is only one thing don't spend too much time on those rail road track's.those trains come along pertty fast .
    NOV. 8TH parsons for CC

  6. Word on the street is, the Express put their Opinion out Saturday. It was posted as the second article, than moved to the first article, now it is back as second article.why? there were 3 pages of comments now there are only 2 on the article for Scott Parsons and Angle who covers all the angles. The posts by Archangle Gabriel 2 posts gone. 2 posts from Bill? gone. 2 posts from big ----- watching gone. One post from some one who said the last 2 posts sound like bo gone. 1 answer to Bill? post gone. Why did Leighvalley Live remove them? and some people watch for details, and notice changes. You want people to vote for the slime ball Angle, Angle first you do not matter. VOTE SCOTT PARSONS ON TUESDAY.

  7. Word on the street is, you wounder if the express is on the up and up? They want Angle they should give him a job, see how long he lasts.

  8. Their numbers cannot be a representation of this disgraceful man.Regardless of the sampling, Ron Angle could not earn 80 percent in Region 4 or the entire county.
    Something went wrong in their attempt to construct this survey.
    Well, we do not have long to wait.

    Can one imagine the endorsement and no one agreed with it. Egg on an editor's face.
    I, for one, will have to see the results on Tues, or perhaps the Express Times will show us the final number of those who participated and explain the process for us little people.
    This reminds me of Business Matters with Ianelli moderating. It would be like one's mother moderating.
    You see now what money, position, and power can BUY.

  9. After some careful research it appears obvious the Express rigged the poll. It may well be that they did in fact flip the results to ensure the poll strongly favored Angle. They may have allowed the Stoffa gang a heads up on the poll in order to plant numerous Angle votes. They then stopped counting to keep the no votes down. There was a large phone bank call in surge and the numbers didn't change at all. The game is up. Once information is assembled it will be forwarded to the Morning Call and the Express parent company asking for an investigation.

    Based on a strong canvasing effort, their game was just a bit to big to be real.

    If they would have played it for Angle to win 60-40 some may have just shrugged but the 80% margin is laughable and will not be borne out on election day.

    If that were the case Angle would not be dumping his cash in last minute TV ads.

    I pity the widows who will have their homes sold and renters tossed out to pay Angles campaign bills.

    Must be proud there Till and Owens, sleep well guardians of freedom., sleep well. You only abused your position as the fifth estate for headlines.

  10. Just an observation. Of the remaining 20 comments on the poll in the Express, only 2 of them are pro-Angle. That means 90% are anti-endorsing. Why then does the poll show 76% in favor of the endorsement? it seems someone at the paper manipulated the results and did so in a way that doesn't make sense. That persons "fuzzy math" is probably why the paper is hemorhaging paid subscriptions and adverisers. They would do themselves a favor to hire someone with math skills.

    On another note. As I told you I let my subscription run out in February. I now must confess to a bit of info I held back, possibly because it shamed me. I have all along purchased the Sunday edition. I did this because I use coupons and rationalized the coupon savings to offset the papers cost.
    WELL, since this revolting revelation of manipulation, I will no longer purchase the Sunday paper. I have the Belfast Deli put aside my papers so as not to run out each Sunday. I purchase the Express, Star Ledger(the Express parent company) the NY Post, and the Daily News, I continue to have the M-call delivered.
    When I went in to pick them up this morning I turned the Express back to them and informed them I no longer will need that one saved.

  11. BTW
    The Post and Daily news is to compare and contrast stories of interest to me. I do not endorse the Post as they have an agenda to see America fail. Ruppert Murdoch is a evil man and should be in prison.
    I ony accept the Post on certain occasions, not regularly.

  12. Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, “I am only joking!”

    Doing wrong is like a joke to a fool,

    Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool,

    But he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.


    Ron Angle allegedly may carry on nastily with our people, verbally abuse our women,attempt to ruin political enemies,scream and yell curse words in the Council Chambers,lie, cheat,or what have you ;but we should elect him anyway because he gets the job done.


    Act anyway you wish in or out of the classroom.
    Scream and use curse words,lie,cheat,do not follow your course of study and/or your activity plan.
    DO NOT WORRY! The school district will retain you with or without tenure becuause the students say that you are a great teacher/winning coach and ,above all, YOU GET THE JOB DONE!


    He has heard these Angle outbursts especially the manner in which he verbally assults men and women alike. He has seen and heard the terrible rantings.
    What has he done to stop this vicious behavior?
    NOTHING,and guess what? He is supposedly a REAL man of the cloth!

    Here are 2 people who the Express Times believe that are going to be great for our County and GREAT EXAMPLES FOR THE YOUTH OF NORCO.

  14. I remember when the Gracedale issue started, COAF was told NOT to bring cameras and/or tape recorders into the Council Chambers.
    Did I hear incorrectly? Because the same lawyer is now saying that all cameras are a GO!
    Can someone clarify for me?
    Or was he referring only to NO recorders?

  15. I was at the meeting when a sheriff's deputy made a COAF member put his camera away. I thought it very strange at the time. I guess the Sunshine law only applies to special individuals connected to Stoffa and Angle according to NORCO. I DON'T THINK SO! It applies to EVERYONE!

  16. Word on the street is, Counsels lawer is the same lawyer Angle has in the will case. Makes one wonder.

  17. Word on the street is, bo is slinging a lot of plops about Parsons, again half truths and lies. Some one asked bo if he was a property owner he would not answer. Makes one wonder.

  18. word on the street is, Angle who covers all the Angles said Gracedale is not worth anything. The Wolf building is not worth anything only the parking lot. No tax increase, no maintance on any bildings, and you wonder why they are in the shape they are in. Angle idea of doing business is run it into the ground, sell it and start over again.

  19. bo should read the Express Times today page 4 you will see an open letter to district 4 people. The inprovements that were made with the tax increase. Wind Gap got value for their Dollars.

  20. The Editorial of Nov. 4 posted at 4.07 has 20 comments, Slate belt news article, Nov 1 posted at 4.53 am. has 35 comments. Both articles are about Angle who covers all angles, and Scott Parsons. We need Scott Parsons for County Counsel. DUMP ANGLE.

  21. In Angles case at the moment, the most important truth is that he really doesn’t care about his constituents paying higher taxes, his concern is having to pay his own taxes on upwards of 75 properties he owns in NorCo. Yes, he is known as a slumlord, just ask his tenants or view Business Matters GD episode 2 where it is stated by a member of the audience. Or ask the local municipality which he would not allow access to his property for inspection

  22. Word on the street is, if Dowd is reelected he is going to retire, open the seat to a republican to take over.

  23. Thank you anon 9:15. I am trying hard to raise children the right way in this nutty world. We need leaders who will set good examples.