Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time To Set The Bar

The new standard in NorCo is CIVILITY...which will once again lead us to DIGNITY. Therefore, now is the time to prove that the only list that exist is in the minds of the ignorant.

Will we recall Stoffa? That's a good possibility - if he fails The Peoples will. But if he puts on his best running shoes, and make a serious break for the finish line, giving the County the win they want - "A successful Gracedale" and a true effort of proper county government, then why would We The People want to?

Now let us ALL understand that "Recalling Stoffa" does not mean that we are out to get him - it simply means that We The People feel strongly that Stoffa is out to make a failure of the County in any mission of prosperity...and for that reason ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, it is not only our right to recall him...but an obligation! Anyone who sits silent is part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

When We The People initiated the Gracedale Initiative, we did so because we felt a strong desire to keep Gracedale in County hands. The 3 to 1 vote to keep Gracedale was evidence that three quarters of the county felt the same way. So did that mean that we were out to get someone...absolutely not!

In fact, we were very polite in the process. But then came the cruel malignant lies out of jealousy and pure spite, naming all of the folks that were standing up to our failing government. And when We The People said - as long as you continue to tell lies about us...we will continue to tell the truth about you - it enraged the leader of our opposition to the point that war was declared on We The People.

Well, last Tuesday, November 8th, the TRUTH set us free of a malicious tyrant, as well as some of his followers. And now because We The People demonstrated by virtue of our votes - that we do not desire to be lead by self-serving malevolent...we are labeled a lynch mob...yet another deception.

At this point - let them say what they will...who really cares what lies they tell? We have made the points that needed to be made...and in approximately 1.5 months we will all be saying - Angle who?

And for that person who lives in a glass house, be careful where you throw your next stone - for it may bring the house down on you. 


  1. He really is doing yet another hatchet job on you folks. I wanted to believe this would all be over after the Gracedale initiative passed. I was wrong. The only viable explanation is, he has personnal problems that are weighing on him.
    If this is the case I wish for him to resolve those issues in his life. Walking around being a bitter man with no true friends is not healthy. He should understand he started this line of attack many months ago in the infancy of the movement. He chose to take the low road at every turn. He chose to attempt to marginalize everyone. His constant prodding, picking and clawing at people who don't agree with him is way overdue to come to an end.
    I am with you in your assessment of how things need to be moving forward.

  2. The unholy trio simply have to realize that they had their heines
    beat with every one of their vicious remarks.
    If they had chosen to discuss the matter of Gracedale in the beginning with some degree of governmental professionalism, all of this craziness {and ego} could have been avoided. However, B.O'Hare led these other two down the wrong path.
    They did not even wish to talk to the people.
    I feel sorry for these people as well, but they would do the same thing over again.
    I look forward to a clean ,healthy.effective,and efficient county government come Jan.1.
    Bernie is quickly fading away.

  3. I was saddend to read the account of the County Human Serices committee meeting. Ross"what is my job" Marcus is covering for his incompetence by infering Gracedale is a drain on the rest of the Department.

    From what I have learned, it is true that Human Serives is the largest and most complicated Deparment in the County government but it appears Marcus continues to spew the nonsense Stoffa and Angle want so they can play their "I told you so nonsense".

    Unfortiunately most people have no real knowledge of the inner workings of that 'department so we are at Mr. Stoffa's and Mr. Marcus's mercy.

    If fear the Gracedale blame game for 2012 is already starting.

  4. You have to understand that the remaining pro-sale R's Cusick, Dietrich, Gilbert and Therry really are in a political pickle. There only recourse is to continue the BIG LIE that Gracedale causes money, it's the employees fault, and since we got caught rigging the census, we are going to pretend the census doesn't matter.

  5. I'm sorry, I meant "Their only recourse..."