Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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  1. Ron Angle made his typical childish comments in the Morning Call. Don't bother trying to comment on the O'Hare hate blog. He put up some posts about the budget. Problem is he is deleting and censoring any comments that don't praise Stoffa and Angle.

    A few comments went up about Gracedale, the swaption and the cuts and they already vanished from his blog.

    O'Hare still doesn't get that his over the top methods of censorship are symbolic of why people don't trust Stoffa or Angle.

  2. Any one notice that Angle who covers all the angles is not commenting on the EXPRESS TIMES? He has switched to the Morning Call. I wounder if Owens caught up with him. Why does counsel want to spend money for the drug lounge when they do not know what the cost is going to be, sounds like one of Angles back room deals.

  3. I just read the Angle response to the budget in the M-Call. He is such a petty man.
    His childish, impish, oafish and pugnacious behavior became apparent to everyone in NorCo when he failed to acknowledge Parsons victory. He now feels the need to broadcast his narrow mindedness to the entire Lehigh Valley via the newspaper.

    Here is a question why are we paying him if he is not fully engaged? If he can be our savior why isn't offering up his budget? He gets compensated until his term is up, due diligence?

    He wants all to believe that he is the only person in the county that can balance the budget?
    Last year he would have done that on the backs of 800 Gracedale employees. Who would be the sacrificial lambs this time?

    Last year he seemingly amazed all media outlets with his visionary budget. From Owens to White to Tony. Alas cooler heads have prevailed. People chose to show they don't want or need Draconian cuts to the budget when it affects their neighbors. The same neighbors that have been castigated as overpaid union members. The neighbors that leave for work at the same time wave and offer a "good day" to each other. Locally and nationally the power hungry officials and their local and national henchman are being ushered out of power. They are being removed through elections. They are being removed through recalls.
    Nationwide there has been an awakening that these workers are not responsible for budget crisis. The ongoing corporate welfare programs from top to bottom nationwide are the root cause. To pay for them the worker, your retired parents, and the needy will be required to tighten their belts. While the fabled "job creators" will enjoy even lower tax rates. This act of prestidigitation at the expense of the worker will now come to an end. Be on notice, now hear this, all hands on deck, attention Kmart shoppers, the overstepping power grab is over.

    My mother always told me not to wish your life away. She said this when I was a child and wished Christmas would be here sooner, when I was a young adult and wished for my years at college to be over, when I wished my mortgage was over and paid off. I always adhered to her advice and cherished everyday. I now will make an exception and wish the reign of terror that is Angle on the council and in the news come to a hasty end.

    In closing,

    some words that have raced through my mind after reading the paper.

    "trivial, unimportant, inconsequential, insignificant, minor, paltry, irrelevant, trifling, niggling, little, small
    petty-minded, mean-minded, narrow-minded,
    spiteful, grudging, resentful, malicious, vindictive, mean-spirited, mean"