Friday, November 4, 2011

Angles New Haircut

But still the same OLD Angle - he went on again to call Gracedale a money-pit. He again blames Gracedale for any tax increase conveniently forgetting to tell that there are many items in a budget that also require money - 1.7 million for example that will go for a detention center (a want) that Angle conveniently forgets to mention. That's just one item in a budget that includes many many items that are wants and not necessarily needs. Angle can't seem to grasp with his one directional mind that the heart wants but the belly needs - Gracedale is a belly need.

Why doesn't Angle tell the truth about why a tax increase is necessary? And why doesn't he admit that he is the one that wants to get rid of Gracedale so that he can use the funds for his own pet projects? Didn't Stoffa say on Business Matters that Gracedale was just a part of why a tax increase may be necessary? Oh yes he did. So here is Angle again saying that Gracedale is the sole reason for any possible increase in taxes, a bold face deception.

Slate Belt - If Angle is re-elected, he will become even more belligerent in his effort to do away with what We The People want, which is to keep Gracedale. And soon there after you may get your illegals detention center in your backyard. He portrays himself as the voice of the people but consistently defies the will of the people? For the sake of the entire County - please do the right thing:

The Real Choice

Angle really cleaned up for this 69 news interview:

Also interesting reading:
We The People support: Ken Kraft
We The People support: Bob Werner

And we also support: Lamont McLure and Steven Barron


  1. That Vaughn guy is the only candidate with both a financial and a current healthcare background. I want Gracedale to win, so he gets my vote!!!! We need more healers with the years of attacks we've suffered.

  2. I support keeping Gracedale and I think this young Vaughn fellow is a good guy. Kraft seems a bit opportunistic. I would vote for Vaughn.

  3. Seth is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He would sell the place in a heart beat. He is with Angle and the tea-party. Vote for Ken who has always been for voting on Gracedale and for Saving Gracedale. Don't be fooled by Seth's lies... his experience is lacking and hold no weight in NorCo.

  4. To Anon 9:14, Before casting judgement, please get to know me and what I truly believe. I pride myself on honesty and had made that my campaign platform! My website is still up, write me an e-mail anytime for more information.