Friday, November 4, 2011

Let Us Change The World - Together

Approximately a year and a half ago I received a word that really shook me, and I didn't really understand it right away. Today I believe the word was not just for me, but also applies to the coming generation.

It spoke about David and it was saying "your time of public revelation is coming faster than time you have to prepare for". I became truly excited about this word, for it was base on the prophet Samuel being sent to Jesse's house to anoint the new King.

Jesse invites all his sons except for David, who is still out in the field. David had to know what was going on because everyone else in the city knew, but he did not despair. When the prophet Samuel was done looking at all the sons he asked Jesse - do you have another? And of course Jesse said, well there's David out in the field, so he calls David in, and you have to understand that David at this moment is probably smelling, uncombed, he's in a place where he did not have a chance to prepare for his moment of anointing - like everyone else did, they were all ready for that moment.

So the word was that your time of public revelation is coming faster than you have time to prepare for...but here's the reason - your needed soon, because there's  a Goliath in the field challenging the armies of God, and David is the only one that knows how to kill him.

People of NorCo, there are some Goliaths out there that are standing in the field of the world defying the armies of God, defying the churches of God, Goliaths like poverty, Goliaths like homelessness, Goliaths like hunger, Goliaths like loneliness and abortion. And the giant Goliath is saying - so what are you going to do about it?

Many of us are so content to just continue our lives without effort, fearful of facing these Goliaths - But I say to you there is a new generation emerging, one that's going to slay Goliath. Those of us who have decided to stand up - we implore you Slate Belt...we challenge you to change this, and I am saying to you, if you believe that you can change the world you will change it. You are not just dropping a pebble in the ocean and nobody notices. No, specially those who are in need notice most.

If we take the world view that things are only going to get worst, and that Jesus is going to come...NorCo/Slate Belt - we're missing it. He said we have authority...He said we have dominion - if it gets worse its because we allowed it to.

God wants to raise up a generation, and I believe that generation is before us, on assignment to change the world with the authority of God, not satisfied and content with just sitting back, but preparing to slay Goliath, and preparing the world to experience the Loving power of God. 

Let us pray that God gives us a heart for the wicked, and a heart for the generations to come. Most importantly, God give us a heart for the things that you care about most...the widows and the orphans, the fatherless and the homeless.

There must come a moment in our lives that we realize that none of this is not about us, we've been programmed to believe that we are alone, and can never win...but God wins for us because He loves us...He just does.

We cannot manipulate God, and we should not try to manipulate the world. Our actions are supposed to change the world, making it a better place before we leave it then it was when we arrived. How many of you in the Slate Belt can agree with me that We The People can change the world? YES we can :-)

Let us make a declaration together with the rest of the county, that God whom we have experience already back In May, has been with us where we've been, and will be with us where we're going, God will deposit in us something that will break our hearts for the things that break His, and on Tuesday we begin the I understand that God words to me were not just for me, but for all of us - With GOD on your side...who can stand against you?

Posted by: RMM


  1. AaAamen AaAamen AAMEN AMEN AMEN !!!!