Monday, November 14, 2011

When Will The Deception Stop?

The nonsensical ignoramus is at what he does best again - DECEPTION. It appears that he cannot accept the loss of his benefactor Angle, so he has commenced a campaign to bring down Karl Longenbach. As part of his campaign he makes another untrue malicious statement:

"Enjoying every moment, clapping his hands in approval, was none other than County Solicitor Karl Longenbach. Not only was he delighted to see a Stoffa critic elected, but was sharing the moment with a group that has both sued Stoffa and threatened his recall, along with their lawyer. He was also whooping it up with very union that funded the Gracedale referendum campaign."

While it is true that We The People have commented that we will recall Stoffa should he fail to comply with the will of The People - it is our inalienable right to do so if we feel it necessary...we have however, never ever sued Stoffa - that statement is an outright LIE. Mr. Stoffa SUED The People using our tax dollars to do so. A disgraceful act that deserves the recall response.

Let We The People be as clear as we possibly can with Mr. Stoffa, if you continue to allow the batty blogger to speak on your behalf, you are sending the people the message that you want to be recalled. And please, don't insult our intelligence by suggesting that you have no influence on the yo-yo as it goes up and down, we can visibly see that you do.

We are not defending the county solicitor Mr. Longenbach for any other reason than - he has done nothing wrong! Unless of course you consider exercising his civil right to attend any affair he wishes to be a wrong doing.

We are voicing our opinion on this matter because when We The People were sued by Mr. Stoffa, Mr. Longenbach complied with his obligation to the County, and he also remained civil and dignified. After losing the court case Mr. Stoffa brought against The People, Mr. Longenbach held his head in place and congratulated The People for our success. We consider that action admirable.

It is not difficult to see who the real culprits in this created mess are. As such, we must seriously considere the recall process to complete the course of cleaning house in NorCo.  Let us all take a well earned rest until after the holiday's - which are upon us...then, let us seriosly consider what needs to be done, if anything.


  1. O'Hare is becoming unhindged.
    Mr. Longenbach can attend any function he wants to.
    The last time that I heard we are all AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    B.O is just one of us elected to no position and should worry about himself.
    From what I have just recently read on other blog, he has alot to worry about.
    LIES! COAF did not sue Stoffa;Stoffa sued COAF.
    I hope that Stoffa says something to this blogger to NOT speak on behalf of the Executive.
    Angle LOST,LOST,LOST, Stoffa and O'Hare have got to get used to it.

  2. Seriously,Bernie, Nazi Germany?
    I agree with the former comment.You are digging lower than ever I thought that you could.
    Goodbye,Bernie.You are on your way out.
    Don't you get it yet? NO ONE is intimidated by you or your twisted posts.

  3. Seems to me that O"Hare has a list of names,that is, if he wants to talk about the NAZIS.

  4. bo is stinging from experiencing a bad year. He lost in court, his best bud lost an election and he lost his personal trainer. He also lost his illusion of being an Irish stallion. It's almost too much to expect anyone to handle. So rather than seeking professional help to get him thru these stressful times he has continued his old distructive habit of trying to bring others down to his level of morbid thinking. It's not working bo. You cannot take away Karl's right to be with his friend and celebrate his victory.
    bo you are so quick to pass judgement on the people that you do not even know personally. Haven't you learned yet. Your opinion means nothing. Continue to spread your lies. You played a large part in helping in getting the truth out about the negative side of Angle. Thank you for that. If anyone does Stoffa in it will be himself, when his hidden agendas are revealed

  5. The last part of the spell, which has Bernice and Angie becoming enemies is about to bear fruit.

  6. Even a blind man knows when the sun is shiningNovember 14, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    I wonder if Angie will be back from the Islands in time for the meeting.
    I wonder if Angie will submit a superior budget, or say its' mine, mine, mine and since you voted me out you can't see it.
    Boo frickin' Hoo

  7. I understand Trish was posting anonymously as "Brenda" when she was friendly with B.O. Was she the only "Brenda" or is she aware of others that were posting as "Brenda" as well ?

  8. Bernie who are you to talk about Karl, didn't you take a picture seemingly congratulating Scott? what a hypocrit. And Stoffa should be ashamed of himself, isn't he a democrat? He should have been at the party with Karl.
    BO&STOFFA are two pieces of grabage beyond comprehension.

  9. Karl is a friend of Scott Parsons and he visited his friend to congratulate him. The idea that it somehow violates some loyalty oath shows how out of it Stoffa and O'Hare are. While I have not always agreed with you folks on the Gracedale issue, I never disagreed with your right to pursue it. In fact a former county official who is a good friend of mine was very passionately for keeping Gracedale and he had personal experience with the facility.

    I am very offended by Mr. O'Hare and his style of intimidation. I agree that he is allowed a long leash by John Stoffa. I wish John Stoffa would resign. He has proven to not only be incompetent but also unworthy of public office.

    My friend is now retired and has considered again running for County office. I am trying to persuade him to run for County Executive. I know of no one more county knowledgeable and humble. He is also respectful of all people whether they agree with him or not.
    The terrible ideas of Angle, O'Hare and Stoffa re just too much.

    Good Luck

  10. Rich has my vote

  11. If the Rich you are talking about is Mr. Grucela, any reader of O'Hare's blog knows that Mr. Grucela is often praised there. Mr. Grucela has never once stood up to Bernie, Stoffa or Angle for that matter. In fact, it was Mr. Grucela who was working with Mr. Angle to bring the illegal immigrant prison to the Slate Belt.

  12. Word on the street is as a VET. I would vote for Rich in a second he is honest, and a real gentleman.

  13. Stoffa is going to be draged down like Angle was by the same person. He will do Stoffa more harm than good.

  14. I think that to stand up to Bernie is to validate him. To validate him is an acknowledgement of some degree of success he assumes he has acheived. I and others ignore him and that is why he is troubled. He needs to interact to feel he is a part of the local political scene. Shoofly pie. He is a mere annoyance. A bit of undigested potato.>>>>>
    Chuck Dickens
    Rich has my vote.

  15. Bernie is not capable of having relationships, interactions or real friends. He has no family, and pals around with a pre-pubescent boy. That is the extent of his social life. I knew Bernie earlier in his career (that he managed to ruin in a most embarrassing fashion). He claims he is a recovering alcoholic.

    Instead of being productive, he sits in a one room play station day in and day out spewing hatred, lies and bullshit about others. He has no credibility. He has few brains. He attends meetings and hopes that all must bow to him or fear a smear. I read all about him on footprint, and see that he turned yet another friend into an enemy. She is speaking out, and I applaud her.

    Stoffa should just cut his ties with this loser, and try to finish out his last 2 years in humble peace. I swear he does more damage to his cohorts than good. I was an Angle supporter, but had to turn my back.

  16. The person being referenced is not Rich. I know who he means but do not want to say until the indidvviual himself decides whether or not to run.

  17. Okay whoever it is and he isn't Stoffa has my vote. LOL

  18. I just read Bernie's blog and if it is not Rich, it may be Ron Heckman. If I am not mistaken he was a county councilman and Director of Human Services. I heard him speak at some council meetings regarding Gracedale. I believe he is retired but serves on some volunteer boards.

  19. Looks like Heckman can't sleep.

  20. At one time I thought Mr. Stoffa was the tops until he got tangled up with Angle and Bernie tthey sure turned him sour. I evening after a meeting in Bangor I said to Mr. Stoffa you have to get rid of that guy ( Angle )he is hurting you more than you know , Stoffa answered" yea I know he is"Well Mr. Stoffa Angle will be gone the end of Dec.get rid of Bernie and you my have a chance I can't believe you would associate with such low life.

  21. Word on the street is, angle has three meetings to put the screws to Northampton County. Want to bet he tries? GOOD BUY RON, and take your lap blanket with you.

  22. Does anyone think that Angle will go out like a gentleman? Is anyone thowing him a farewell party....other than bobblehead? Who do you think will be the first to sign up to speak at county council meetings? I'm sure bo will have his flip cam aimed at COAF in case they should happen to applaud his exit. I'm sure they will not be the only ones cheering. District 4 will be saying.....can you hear us now!!!!

  23. Word on the street is, Northampton County and district four have a lot to be thankful for this Holiday Season. January will bring new changes to the county. THANK YOU, GOOD BY ANGLE, BOBLE HEAD IS NEXT.

  24. Word on the street is, BYE, BYE, RON: HELLO HAPPYNESS. SCOTT PARSONS IN JANUARY//////

  25. I don't think anyone from the COASF should publicly speak about Angle and the election sending him packing.

    If you want to reference the elections in general to beg council to take Gracedale seriously, fine.

    don't become like Angle by acting like him at a meeting. he is hoping that someone days something so he can make some self-serving speech. Please don't don't give him the satisfaction.

  26. I do not believe that there is anyone within the entire COAF group who even wants to look at Angle ,let alone speak to him.

  27. It's amazing that BO is still trying to ruin this Ms. Tricia.
    Word on the street is that a RULER will tell us the truth as to what is correct and what is not.
    His mo is now finished in all areas.

  28. BO again has trashed the poor woman. Once again he is monitoring comments so he doesn't get any. He is a real sicko. With everything in the news, we know O'Hare loves to hang around kid sports and video the kids playing. He also stalks a defenseless woman. A real sicko alright.

    I would hope that now Mr. Stoffa would rescind bo's special privileges around the courthouse. He should no longer be allowed to harass employee's now that Angle is leaving. We will see if Mr. Stoffa follows through.

  29. He also proved the fact, with all of the revolting information released,
    that all "rulers" are not 12 inches.

  30. Huey Long the tic tacs made it to counsel meeting, now is the time for the ruler. For the next meeting.