Monday, November 7, 2011

Silly Man - Foolish Man

Like we said just can't make this up;-)

One day he's hanging on for life...and it seems that on November 8...well it may mean that he will commit suicide, who knows with these demented twisted minds. R.I.P.

How Silly Does Angle Look In This Picture? Clothes Still Clean!

Angle didn't know what side of the track he was supposed to be on so he decided just to stop and take a nap on the track. Who in their right mind, again, in their right mind would vote for a fool who lays on the tracks for the hell of it.

This guy says he's smart? - Well this doesn't look so smart!
Now he is saying that Gracedale will not be sold - no kidding.
Do you suppose that's cause The People said it won't be sold?
Or does he expect us to believe that it's because he said so?
Slate Belt - considere just how foolish it would be to vote for this fool.
Do the right thing



  1. He appears to not miss many meals.

  2. I wonder how many widows and elderly he bilked out of their homes would love to run the train.

  3. Remember voters
    1. Backroom dealings with
    2. Backroom dealings with the jail in Upper Mt. Bethel
    3. Backroom dealings with the DUI/Prison in West Easton
    4. Will forgery
    5. The deceit of trying to "help a friend" to build a golfcourse and then dup him in the end
    6. Then poor Uncle James, left at Gracedale after his death.

    Is this the kind of person you want to represent you. Someone who will not only step on and over friends and family to benefit himself. If he does this to family and friends, do you really think he is going to do the best thing for you.


  4. Don't him down and out, he's just playing possum.

    Unless you are going to drive people to polls, and do the hard work, expect him to be there laughing and yelling at you on council in 2013.

  5. DATELINE 11/8/11

    A report from an undisclosed District 4 precinct.
    I worked the polls for the Gracedale initiative. During my day the people would come up to me and thank me, wink at me, smiles, thumbs up, etc,etc and tell me they are only here to vote because of that issue.

    Today I have been out at the same location since 7 and I am getting the EXACT same response.

    I am convinced from the response people are there to vote Ron out of office.

    It is not over yet, if you read this get out there if you can and engage the voters in converstion. To my suprise many have no idea who they will vote for.


    My location is a FORMER ANGLE STRONGHOLD
    I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

    I am eating lunch and heading back out from the rest of the day.

    Good Luck Scott

  6. Are there any numbers yet?

  7. look out bernie is out taking pics! just be on the lookout! passed my house with a camera in his hands, but when he saw me he didn't take any pics... also had a little trouble outside of gracedale today, won't go into details, but I did straighten everything out! good luck Scott cant wait to celebrate with you!

  8. Stay strong, finish strong for the good of the next generation and that of the generation in its most vulnerable state!

  9. I wored one of the district 4 polls all day today, and let me tell you it sure looks good for SCOTT PARSONS.
    Ron you better get up of then there tracks because the PARSONS VICTORY TRAIN IS COMING THRU !

  10. Any word on returns form any poll watchers?

  11. Where is the train when you need it? Hopefully this is the end for Porky Pig

    "that's all folks"

  12. The results have been stuck at 88% since 9:30PM
    Any thoughts
    I see some of the District 4 precincts have reported other race results as 100%
    Wind Gap

  13. We told you to get up off them tracks and run while you can. You would not listen now the
    PARSONS VICTORY TRAIN has got you.
    If you would have taken the time right from the start to talk with the coalition this day my not have ever come but you were so sure Gracedale would be sold, and we would go away.
    Guess what we never did , and we never will.
    Ron your time is almost over.