Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Time Is It?

Time to look forward... a more peaceful, civil, and dignified NorCo in 2012.

We believe the time has come to take the gloves off...all the lefts and the solid rights have taken their toll, and down has gone our opponent...just as predicted.

The gloves come off because we will not strike our opponent while they are down, knocked out, pounded by the TRUTH. However, we advise...stay down or suffer another humiliating defeat, and another, and another until you understand you have stay down.

It has been heartbreaking to have to do what we have been forced to do, but, because we care about humanity, we will do it again if need be...hopefully, it will never again be necessary.

Reading what is being said out there, it is apparent that "THE BLOGGER" is done. There is nothing left to write about, so he is just trying to put something out that will spike his traffic, unfortunately for him, the spike has gone through his heart as he is degraded to nothing...pitiful.

Well, perhaps it's time to pick up our opponent, brush him off, and extend a civil hand - even if he slaps it away.


  1. In response to your statement. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to garner peace and goodwill. However, as in the movie The Bad Seed, I think Bernie is incorigible. I think his demons prevail at every momment of his life, his daily testimonials are proof. If you look back in his archieves it was he that took the first shot. Not content with an issue oriented argument, he began the name calling and personnal attacks on peoples infirmities and ills. Much too the amusement of his brigade of neer-do-wells and sociopathic fanbase. The daily taunting has escalated (on both sides) to the point there can not even be some form of Detente. As for the the council, I am willing to give them a chance however, again, Barb is not going to change, so she must go. We will see what the rest are going to do about changing their individual tunes.

  2. Agreed. There is no hope at all in thinking that Bernie can try to make a change. He still hasn't figured out that he has already lost many times over and over.
    A small group of people which grew and grew did them in-Bernie and Angle.
    I hope that Stoffa is a little bit smarter than they were, for if he is not, it will be his turn as the truth continues to emerge.

  3. It is too late for Bernie O'Hare.

  4. Yes, I agree with this blog post. But the problem is, O'Hare is a sadist in its true meaning. I dont think he is capable of stopping his destructive attacks on other people. I was sure that once the election was over, he would stop throwing fireballs at the winners, as well as the losers.

    But he hasn't stopped, and wont. Thats because he thinks he is unstoppable. When law enforcement fails to do its job, that just feeds his insatiable appetite to continue his tyrannical tirades against all who disagree with him. Its my opinion that he is on a quick free fall ride to self destruction and financial ruins, and flushing what is left of his miserable existence right down the crapper.

    Angle is gone, Stoffa soon to go, and Bo will be bounced like a beachball from the courthouse he calls home. Very disturbing that a disbarred attorney would live his life in a courthouse, when he is the laughing stock of Lehigh and Northampton County Bar Associations.

  5. Give no quarter; as you will certainly get none.

  6. It is noble for the members of COAF to choose the high road when it comes to bo. Some people in this world will continue to demonstrate unacceptable anti-social behaviors until they eventually self-destruct. It is a total waste of time and energy to appeal to this person's sense of fair play---he makes up rules as he goes along and the rules ALWAYS favor him. So how to you deal with this type of individual? Just don't play his game. Eventually he'll get tired of playing with himself---then again maybe he'll like it. He can't proclaim victory if there was no contest to start with---JUST IGNORE HIM!!!

  7. Thank u 4 da correction Bernie ;)
    Ur done In the name of the:
    Holy spirit

  8. Bernini is deleting stuff again slanting in his favor but at least here he has no control.

  9. Bernie has always slanted the "truth" to fit his agenda. he either openly deletes a post or they just mysteriously disappear into nothingness.

    That has always been his way of controlling the truth, in his mind.

  10. He can't control it here

  11. I agree there is nothing left for him. The truth is out his protector has lost. His heart has been broken (twice), and soon he will have no inside information and no special privilages. Thanks again for all your hard work you have suceeded in every step of the way.

  12. Hey Bernie, it is The People not thepeople, and it is I not i

  13. I was just on the other site - he removed any comment I posted and they were not even bad post. I told him to smile and he removed, oh no I am heart broken, yeah right.