Thursday, February 28, 2013

WHo Is The Worst Reporter Ever Made?

Give me a beer and I'll do and say anything!
In our opinion, Bill White of the  Morning Call is.

He is now viewed by We The People as a terrorist columnist, who has set his sight's on We The People's representative - County Controller Stephen Barron, with the intent of helping County Executive John Stoffa destroy Mr. Barron.

It's not going to happen Bill, We The People will not allow it, period. 

All of Northampton County residents/taxpayers/electors must be made aware of the TRUTH...that the media (different members) - whom we asked to sign our petitions, all informed us politely that they are to remain neutral. Therefore, they could not sign our petitions! But, Mr. White, through his eagerness to discredit Mr. Barron, shows us that the media has been on County Executive John Stoffa's side all along...and that's not being neutral.

What's in it for Bill - A keg of beer perhaps?
Why is Bill White of the Morning Call really attacking County Controller Stephen Barron? Because Mr. Barron has told us the truth, and because he does represent We The People. And we love him for it. We could only desire that all elected officials would represent us the way that Mr. Barron has.

Regardless what anyone says about Mr. Barron, or Councilman Lamont McClure, they have been the only two elected officials who have courageously stood up alone to dispel the lies of John Stoffa. And for that reason, Mr. Stoffa is not holding back anything to destroy them! But, here we now SEE the truth. And what is the truth? In our opinion, it is that "the media" has been bought by the highest bidder, and we all know who that is.

Mr. White is suggesting that our Controller should be invisible. Really??? Invisible??? Come on Bill! We The People want all of our representatives to be visible and transparent at the same time. Don't you know that? Or should we make the assumption that you too are a Fabian Socialist that wants to assist in setting the stage of communism in America? Is that the case?...because We The People are not having it!

Mr. White should try saying the truth, which is that John Stoffa is the worst County Executive in the history of Northampton County.

Why doesn't Mr. White report that John Stoffa has illegally MISUSED tax dollars, and that he lied about it too. Why isn't he reporting that? Instead he chose to attack the one person who exposed the truth - the Honorable Controller Barron.

Well thank you so much Mr. White for helping us make our case. Your words, as well as the words of some others, we are establishing a foundation that will eventually bring Mr. Stoffa to Justice...once and for all! We'll see what you have to say then!


  1. Can a reporter truly be a reporter when he REFUSES to look at truth which is all documented in front of him?
    Even Stoffa's legal Harrisburg team has admitted that they did work for 2 private citizens which was charged to Stoffa and Norco.
    A reporter?

  2. Just send him another bottle of booze. Cheap stuff will do.

  3. Pardon my obtuseness, but I don't know who the highest bidder is. Please tell me. The commies?

  4. YOu should see White's response to this blog over at his blog.

  5. Which aspects of Fabian Socialism is White esposing? I missed that in his column.

  6. I think u hit a nerve with the Fabian remark.

  7. Everyone one is certainly entitled to their opinion, White just left out things that would have balanced the scale. Obviously he doesn't want to balance the scale, he intended to slant it, and he did. Without you guys everything would be one sided. Great job!

  8. Just removed a comment from BO - If it's not BO - email us at with evidence it's not bo, and we will re-post.

  9. The big problem is Bill White is a decent guy but he has a mancrush on Stoffa just like O'Hare does. He sees Stoffa as this great man of integrity but doesn't really know him as many of us do. From past emplyees to coworkers, Stoffa is see at best as a benign incompetent public tit sucker, and at worst as a mean and vinsdicitive man. How many kids dies in Lethig County when he was Director. Oh I forgot, it was everyones fault but his.

    Sotrry Bill I won't rip you on your Barron piece but you have always given Stoffa the benefit of the doubt unlike Reibman or Seyfried. Both were head and shoulders above Stoffa in leadership ability. You bought into the Graqcedale balonney and now the building baonney. Do you think anyone who disagreew it Stoffa ona multi-milion dollar leased buldings hates veterans, babies and county staff. that is the Stoffa hacks pitch. Prettty nice isn't he? No hate mongering there, right?

    That is why people go after you. You have now put yourself in the same league as a Bernie O'Hare and that isn't even worthy of a columnist.

    An old disappointed pal.

  10. Why did Stoffa get a pass on Gracedale from all the press operatives? Why did Jenna write a fawning article about Angle and Stoffa as if the sale was a done deal just a few months before the Referendum showed the opposite was true? Why was BO even a TOPIC for any story at all (might as well use him in a lecture about hemmorhoids, he would serve as a perfect example of an a$$hole)?

    The answer is that all of the press were pathetically vulnerable to Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare sucking up to them, serving as "sources" and treating the press much better than they ever treated country workers or the voters. Shame on the press, shame on Bill White and to hell with him.

  11. How many columns did Bill White write about how the double-digit tax increase Stoffa needed to pay for Gracedale NEVER HAPPENED? Did White ever ask Stoffa "What gives?" Did White ever confront Stoffa about the tax increase BS? Naw, they are just good pals.

  12. Bernie or Callahan at 12:53, Mr. White ignored facts and often repeated the Stoffa lies during the Gracedale debate. He never bothered to talk to the knowlegable opponents of the sale. The same with this silly building deal. Stoff aahs cut more Human Services staff and programs than anyone before him but he needs a building to help people? Again, he just writes whatever helps Stoffa.

    So the apology should be to Rev. Martinez and Steve Barron by both White and O'Hare.

  13. So exactly why does White serve as a cheering section for Stoffa? I think he's just a weak journalist. Pity he never had to work for a living.

  14. Second thought: I'm sorry White never had a real job actually working for Stoffa. That would change his tune so fast--he'd see the real Stoffa not the one that sucks up to him.

  15. Just removed a comment from BO - Stay off our blog!

  16. Bill White writes about Bill White. Period. He's not a journalist first, he loves the attention as much as Bernie does.

  17. Bill White isn't that bad a guy. The problem with Bill is like most newspapaer people he has had a blind spot for Stoffa. They all held up Stoffa as this wonderful man of integrity and honor. They never really scratched beneth the surface to find the real John Stoffa. Many of us that had to deal with him on specific issues learned that he is mean spirited, vindictive and lies like a rug. He will destroy anyone who gets his way. He won't do it directly but has it done fort him by his pals, O'Hare and even the newspaper and guys like you Bill. Think about it.

    Ask old Lehigh County employees and some of his contemporaries from when he still worked for Northampton County. He is best known for "throwing people under the bus". He has no sense of honor or loyalty and has used an discarded folks in th epast.

    Now that doesn't make Stoffa much different than many politicans but the Bill Whites of the world cannot and willnot see that side of him. Why? Becasue they have propped him up as such an amazing hero they can't admit they were wrong and the hero actually is very, very human.

    Sorry Bill, I am no great fan of Steve Barron but you dropped the ball on both Gracedale and this new "legacy" building deal that longtime Stoffa croony Ken Mohr put together. By the way how many just under "$25,000 contracts has Mr. Mohr received in seven years? Any other executive and you would have been all over that story like a skunk on stink. This new builoidng thing was rigged from the start, with the "special committee". It was a decsion that was already made and then sold to new inexperienced council members through a "study". That overpriced building will have dire consequesnces for county staff and services. But what is that compared to having your name on a building?