Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Angle Buys The Morning Call Newspaper - Disgraceful - Part 1

The quotes in this series of articles were taken from the Mcall website - posted by Jenna Protnoy on 12/19/10 11:43pm. Our responses are in red.

First, we believe that Jenna is not the true author of this article. Smells like BO to us. Only BO writes this kind of drivel for his male friend Angle.

"Measured. Reserved. Humble. Until recently, no one would have used these words to describe Ron Angle — an unlikely statesman who's built a record of bizarre behavior over three decades in the public eye. On the radio, Angle spewed what some critics said was bigotry, threatened to take a power drill to a locked cabinet full of teacher performance reports and inspired a code of conduct intended to rein in his antics."

Measure? Reserved? HUMBLE??? - Yeah right. No one that knows Angle, or even heard of him, and that hasn't been bought by Angle, would ever say anything like this puke.

His critics didn't just feel like calling him a bigot, he made comments that were deserving of the title. The man is a racist that attacks the Blacks and the Jewish people very much like Hitler did - well after all, he does resemble Hitler, doesn't he?.

Angles behavior has always been bizarre, because he is mentally cracked. What mentally rational person would take a power drill to open a locked file cabinet that he is not supposed to have access to? Perhaps a thief.

Mr. Angle inspired a code of conduct by his despicable conduct...not excactly something that anyone should be proud of. Surprisingly, the Mcall, by this crappy article must feel that Angle is a person that should be lifted high. Sure, he is great example for our youth. Just remember that following Mr. Angle will get you jail - just ask his son RAJ.

Thanks Ron, we were running out of things to write about. Your so GOOD at giving The People what we need. Good? Yeah, okay, sure, whaterver. More to come...

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