Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who's Responsable

Now it seems, the Coalition is reasonable for RAJ's arrest. We plotted with Sears, and with PBurgs Police dept, to catch RAJ in the act of accidentally stealing something.

Give us a break...we have no desire to continue to discuss this unfortunate event, however, we are not going to accept blame for something we are not responsible for.

We had absolutely nothing to do with this event, and we have no intention of continuing to report on this. Please Mr. Angle, please Bernie, stop commenting on this event so that others can too. You may not realize it but you are both fueling the fire, your the reason this has gone on for as long as it has...STOP IT.

We believe that our youth are our future, as such, we are responsible to guide them in the right direction, especially when they stray from the correct path.

We can only hope that this young man will learn a valuable lesson from from his misguided decision, and that should be that there are consequences to every action in life. This is in all probability going to be a minor consequence. However, know that as human beings we have a tendency to become arrogant in our behavior when we get away with things that are morally incorrect, usually leading us to do things that are more serious in consequence. 

RAJ - Know that everyone makes mistakes, please learn from this, and move on with your life in a productive direction. And take comfort in knowing that the reason that this event has received so much attention is because unfortunately for you, your dad is very unpopular due to his actions. We wish you well.


  1. Nobody claimed you're responsible for Ron, Jr's arrest. What I have claimed, and what is true, is that you took this incident, which involves an immediate family member, and used it to smear Angle. For example there is this remark, pasted as part of a blog. "As many of you may know by now, Ron Angle Jr. demonstarted yesterday that he will probably be just like his father. How deplorable! Check out the story:"

    This is called gloating. This is a personal attack. This is why I now consider you a hate blog.

    Yu claim God is on your side, but no God I know would condone your chortling and glee at another person's misfortune.

  2. Does this mean RAS doesn't get a Christmas gift from RAJ?

  3. Mr. O'Hare, why don't you just grow up. You are the one living in a glass house, and you are the one always throwing stones.

    Stop your nonsense, and tell Mr. Angle to do the right thing.

  4. The nonsense is statements like the one you made about Ron,Jr. It is mean-spirited and hateful. As I said, no God I know would condone that kind of hate.

  5. Again?

    Mr. O'Hare, you are the one who uses profanity in your comments, and constantly slander others with dishonest statements. In many cases your not off just a little bit, you out right lie.

    Yes, we can understand how you know so much about hate and mean-spirited...because you practice it daily.

    There is only one God Mr.O'Hare, we don't believe that you know him, because if you did you would not behave the way that you do, or say the things you say.

    And by the way, you are the one who brought up Jr again. STOP YOUR NONSENSE!!!