Tuesday, December 14, 2010


BO believes that only he and Angle should have an opinion...No one else counts. LOL

These two must think that they are living in some God forsaken country - This is AMERICA!

The people in our free land not only have a right to their opinion, they are the bosses of government. BO and Angle will soon discover this.


  1. The Home Rule Charter expressly provides that, "The power of initiative and referendum shall not extend to the budget." Northampton County's 2011 budget only funds Gracedale for 6 months. A referendum requiring it to remain open will necessarily extend to the budget and force lawmakers to come up with the money without a source of revenue. This would violate the Home Rule Charter.

    You can rant all you want, but the Charter is what it is. It is the Constitution of Northapton County. It is certainly true that the people are the ultimate deciders, but you are not the people. You are really just another special interest group.

    In America, we don't let mobs rule.

    Incidentally, I thought you said you don't read my blog.

  2. Bernie, the problem with you is that you have been around Mr. Angle far too long, let's just tell the people the truth...

    1. Angle decided all by himself that a 20% tax increase was a good number to scare the people of the county with, and then he used his sweet personality to influence the others to go along with his personal agend to sell Gracedale.

    2. We know in fact that a 20% tax increase is not necessary because Mr. Stoffa, in the fall of 2010 presented his budget; it included funding Gracedale for a full year with no tax increase at all. As you may recall that was a day of frustration for Mr. Angle.

    3. Mr. Angle decided that he would put his own budget together. Later it was published by the media that it had been disclosed at a council meeting that Mr. Angle’s budget was padded(made Larger than necessary) so that he could reduce it to a realistic budget number(making it look like he is a financial genius) but in fact the original budget numbers were skewed. Sounds like deceit to us.

    4. Mr. Angle’s budget funded Gracedale using the very same monies that Mr. Stoffa was planning to use, monies from the 60 million dollar ever growing slush fund (which proves we are being overtaxed). His budget also had no tax increase. Now, how is that possibleBernie, if according to Mr. Angle’s original strategy, a 20% increase was necessary in any event if Gracedale was funded by the County? And if that was true, then shouldn’t the budget have at least a 10% tax increase since he funded Gracedale for six months – the answer of course is no, because a tax increase was never really necessary to begin with.

    5. Let us also consider that if Gracedale is managed correctly, as it had been in the past when it bailed out other departments of the county, again no increase would be necessary.

    6. So for anyone to say that a 20% increase is necessary, well, it is dishonest.

    7. What about Mr. Angle saying that he does not serve anyone outside of his district. If that is true, then why is he President of Council? Shouldn’t that position be held by only a public official who serves the entire County? Yes, of course, except you won’t agree, because you are always siding with Angle.

    8. The people represented by COAF, presented many ideas that would work, at least to give Gracedale a chance to float or sink, But Mr. Angle said no way – The people say - Yes way.

    9. What about the vicious attacks on Stephen Barron because he stood up and said Gracedale does not have to be sold.

    10. To your last question, NO

    To be continued – We guess ;-)

  3. you say in america we dont let mobs rule what about you saying angle has the judges of the county in his pocket? sounds like a mob to me.

  4. Enough all ready !

  5. Never enough
    MORE SIR!!!

  6. When you say enough, do you mean that we should quit???

    Sorry, but we're not going to quit.

  7. Just accept it, RA is here to stay. Unless someone else is voted in his place, and that would never happen.

  8. no sir I mean enough of the bashing and stick to the business at hand.
    Thank you

  9. No Bernie, we're not just going to accept anything. You, as well as Mr. Angle are in for a rude awakening possibly in May...definately in November. You will see ;-)