Monday, December 20, 2010

Open Meetings? What Has Transpired - Part 3

The ET artical continues by saying that "A committee of County officials will receive presentations from each company". Once again we ask, who exactly are the county officials, and are these commitee meeting/presentations going to be open to Joe public? Or are they going to be secret meetings as was the case with the opening of the bids?

More concerning is ET also reported that Mr. Conklin stated "Price is not the only consideration. The companies must guarantee the facility remain a nursing home for a to-be-determind period. And it must cater to residents on medicaid".

Listen up NorCo taxpayers, members of CC, including Mr. Angle have openly told us that no one can guarantee anything in life, but death and taxes. What exactly then, do they mean by a "to-be-determind period".

Lets see if we can figure this out - they say to a potential buyer, for XX period of time the facility must remain a nursing home, after that, you can do as you will.

And then what? It becomes a condo, or perhaps a co-op? Or maybe even a resort hotel, who knows what plans some eager investment firm may have for our beloved Gracedale?

Mr. Conklin, Mr. Stoffa, you are both brighter bulbs than the darkened Angle, so grow a pair, and show Angle the way.


  1. While not the same subject, I wish to address the Gavel story in the Morning Call.
    Firstly, Rev. Martinez was NEVER ejected from a meeting and escorted out of a council
    meeting by anyone. Where does that come from?
    What grade would you give Angle? Here is another question which comes from another person. I know because I have overheard him asking other people that same question.
    Now, I ask you,how many people wrote this article,and what could the reason be?
    I think that the idea is to cover-up that animalistic behavior in order to support Council as they prepare for another choice for President of the Council.There has just been too much bad news surrounding Angle.

  2. commenting on your comment
    If I were a Black person or a Jew
    I would be what could be perceived as
    reoffended by Angles comments
    pocket money and a plane ticket?
    does he realize more whites get welfare than blacks
    should we give everyone this WAM and a ticket to their ancestory point of origin?