Monday, December 20, 2010

A Range Of Estimates - What has Transpired - Part 2

Mr. John Conklin, Director of Administration under Mr. Stoffa, was quoted by ET as saying that the five companies who's proposals were screened had submitted a range of of estimates of what they would be willing to spend on Gracedale.

The report also said that Mr. Conklin however, did not release the figures because he said that he wanted the firms to have time to study the facility more closely and refine those estimates.

Hmm. What we are hearing here is that the estimates came in low, lower of course than expected. It appears that what the genius real estate guru Mr. Angle who owns better than 60 real estate properties failed to calculate was that in this buyers market, the bids for any real estate properties would probably come in low.

Ask Mr. Angle how much time he spends in the court house trying to pick up foreclosures that went south because of this market. Ask him if he would sell his properties in this weak market...oh, wait, yes he would. He does have a property or two up in the slate belt that he is trying, and we mean trying to sell because he does not want to do the repairs that are necessary according to the inspectors in that neck of the woods.

Oh, by the way, do The People know that he is known as a slum-lord in that neck of the woods? Yes, that's right, a slum-lord. We have been inform by reliable sources that he has also been heard saying that if that group (meaning COAF) is successful, I'll run it into the ground (meaning Gracedale), hmm.

What is truly quite concerning is that Mr. Conklin went on to say that "we want to protect the firms until they can have other people come out and go through Gracedale with a fine tooth comb". WHAT???

First, let us point out that he mentioned "protecting the firms" - not protecting Gracedale, nor The People of NroCo that he, Mr. Stoffa, and Council work for. And most important of all, the residents of Gracedale.

Second, consider that he mentions "refining the estimates". Mr. Conklin appears to be brighter than Angle, can he really believe that after "the other people go through Gracedale with a fine tooth comb" that the figures are actually going to rise? Perhaps Angle told him to say that. Hmm.

In the real world Mr. Conklin, as Mr. Angle would say, in all probability the figures will go down after any issues are discovered by the potential buyer's. Ask Mr. Angle, that's exactly what he would do, lower the price...isn't that right Mr. Angle?

Stay Tune - part 3 to follow...

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