Saturday, December 11, 2010

Council - Be Prepared

Ladies and gentlemen of council, please prepare yourselves, for the bed you make is the one you sleep in.

Our spokesperson was correct when he stated during the 12/09/10 CC meeting that "we are not the enemy of council". However, to the people it becomes daily, more and more apparent that the CC is the enemy of the people.

 The Coalition is in the process of exploring and examining the Home Rule Charter just a bit closer to plan the recall of members of council who refuse to do the will of WE THE PEOPLE, should it come to that of course. No, we have no desire to pursue that course of action, however, make no mistake about it, we are determined to do so if CC continues to dismiss us as merely peasants that don't matter. As intelligent people, should you consider yourselves so, you should comprehend by now that COAF is not going away - We are The People, and we will continue to represent The People...We are your bosses. Know that you can not continue to brush aside The People who have elected you to represent them, we will not stand for it.

We are tremendously disappointed especially in Mr. Gilbert, for he sat with us in all the hospitality we could provide, and promised that he would do all he could relating to our Gracedale concerns before his elections. And yes, we supported him, only to discover that he would blindly follow a blind man...continue to follow him Mr. Gilbert and you will fall off the cliff with him when he falls...and yes, he will fall. Continue to follow your arrogant leader Mr. Gilbert, and you too will fall, you won't be more than a one term-er. Yes, your actions have caused us to consider recalling you for lying to us, among others of course. But change course and maybe we will reconsider...we have demonstrated after all, to be reasonable people.

Mr. Cusick on the other hand may be our next County Executive if he continues to stand up against the tyrant Angle. We will support those who deserve it. Thanks Mr. Cusick, we hope you are for real.

Mr Dietrick...we have reached out to you, why haven't you listened? You know what you have to NIKE would say, just do it, and perhaps we can support you too.

Mrs. Thiery, although we think you're a nice lady - as Mr. Angles left hand, you too will be a one term-er, unless of course we remove you as well before hand. You know, You may not realize it, but you are supposed to do more than just bobble your head up and down, you are suppose to think like an individual with brains. We kind of feel bad for Mr. Thiery, he seems like such a nice guy.

To Be Continued...;-)


  1. Hey Bernie, what happened? talk 2moro...have some meetings in the am...going 2 bed. Good night.

  2. ronnie talk to your publisist --- hes running out of steam

  3. Ron Angle serves on the council because "it's the honorable thing to do and I'm not doing it for the pay."
    Who could possibly believe that this man would dare use the word,"honorable?"