Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Saga Continues - Part One

As the deadline approaches regarding the fate of Gracedale, the saga and drama of the constant reiterations by the positions are summarized below.

The two entities portrayed are County Council President, Ron Angle - here known as Ronnie - and the citizens of NORCO and a minority of Council officials.

Ronnie says: If I could save Gracedale from privatization, believe me, I would. However, economically in this county of ours--as is the case in many county nursing facilities throughout our Commonwealth--government is simply not equipped to operate a nursing facility. We can no longer afford it, and, quite frankly,we lack the ability or intelligence to do so. Never mind that Gracedale's employees are the greatest, that the care is excellent, and that the residents--the most important players of all in this County Drama--are all receiving the very best of care.   After all, Gracedale has just received A FIVE STAR RATING IN RESIDENT CARE.   FIVE STARS is the highest rank that a nursing facility can receive according to MEDICARE.GOV.

To maintain this facility, including changes which would have to be made, our County TAXES would have to be raised by 20%, although this 20% increase would not be earmarked just for Gracedale. This 20% figure includes all of our county's responsibilities, including benefits, salaries, and wages for all agencies in our county. 

It's the unions at Gracedale--it is they who are just not cooperating the way they should, if, that is, they want  to keep their jobs.  They are not willing to come forward with their fair share of give-backs. Does anyone really believe that I would do any harm to any resident or employee at Gracedale just because I want to privatize it?

This is just like the DETENTION CENTER that I wanted to bring into my region, Upper Mt. Bethel. I wanted to bring more employment opportunities to my people. They just weren't able to comprehend my TRUE motives.

 Finally, returning to Gracedale, my UNCLE is there. Why in God's name would I do anything which would harm any member of my own family?"

Continued tomorrow - Stay tuned


  1. Good job --who ever ?
    You are right Ron , pin everything on Gracedale and use the sale money evey where else in the county just as they have been with the money Gracedale has made in the years they were in the black. Wake up people of Northampton County. we don't know half of what goes on with our tax money but it sure is not going where it ear marked for. As for his uncle at Gracedale ask him how often he has visited the man in the many years he is there? And would he harm any one in his family ? Read the Morning call the issues in Oct.