Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey...What Are They Doing Here?

Mr. Angle can't seem to get enough of the "The People". He appeared a bit sluggish, and he left the Moore Township meeting Tuesday night 12/07/10, quite quickly...less than fifteen minutes after being shocked by the fact that members of COAF were present at the meeting.

He was supposed to speak on the farmland preservation issue, but instead, it seemed that the Moore Township residents wanted to know more about what was going on with Gracedale. He was question by a MT taxpayer, who certainly appeared more interested in learning the status of the GD issue.

Here we go again...listen closely

As pictured above, Mr. Angle appeared tired of having to explain his mis-truths, yet again. We have to wonder what he's going to look like after the election in May/November, after he loses his re-election attempt. It now seems like campaigning against Mr. Angle is slowly becoming an alternative mission for COAF, regardless of the Gracedale outcome, especially if Mr. Angle continues to ignore, and dismiss The People. 

The Supervisors, and the Residents of MT treated COAF with care and respect, something they are not accustomed to at the NorCo CC meetings. They gave COAF an honest opportunity to share their voices, and seemed to concur that in our American democracy, the taxpayers should have a say by way of a vote, specifically because we are asking for the right to vote on the issue. 

The group informed the residents that they have 10k+ verified petition names, as well as 80 petitions on hand. A question asked was "how many names does a petition hold?" they were told 107. The Coalition also informed the meeting attendees that there are also another six hundred or so petitions currently being circulated, extending the point that if only 200 of the 600 petitions come back by the deadline of January 17th, 2011, the Coalition will most likely accomplish their mission - Some then asked to sign the petition.

Video of this meeting may be posted in the very near future.


  1. I am changing my registration to R
    so I can vote against him in the primary

  2. Angle's blogger buddy publicly attacked Tom Dietrick, their unity might be falling apart.

  3. Take a good look at the both of them.

    Which one would you believe and trust?
    I have heard that the esteemed blogger has already broken his trust to his former clients.
    Therefore, why would anyone believe such a fraud?

  4. I think that the list that RA and BO has of people to try and ruin them is growing just like the list of those who are starting to oppose them is.If the BOSS doesn't like what one of his devoted followers is saying, simply tell that person. Ruination is not always the way to success. The voters will let you know how they feel.