Friday, December 3, 2010

Gracedale Matters

One of our great leaders once said "Our lives begin to end the day that we become silent to the things that matter"MLKjr. We now ask, does Gracedale matter?

No. not the building itself, that is merely an object in life, but the spirit of the work that is done there for the sake of the people it serves...yes, that's it. And yes, it matters.

Nine out of ten NorcCo taxpayers, as well as COAF believe that two thirds of CC don't understand this. CC see things only through dollars and cents glasses, which are probably correct to wear when it comes to the material things in life. However, when it comes to the core reality of life, it causes them to lose sight of the single thing that matters most in life, life itself.

According to the moral values of life, we are to protect life until the very end. Consider that if you were one minute away from the end of your term on earth, exactly how important would dollars and cents be to you? Correct, dollars and cents would probably be the thing one would be spending their last moment thinking about. It is meaningless in the grand scheme of life.

Gracedale matters because life matters. Yes, we do expect, and even demand that our government officials look after our dollars and cents properly, but to better serve us "The People", not themselves or their agendas. There are probably a half dozen items in the budget we can do without, but we can not do without the very people that for years have themselves bought into our government. Now that very government wants to simply dismiss the value of a place called Gracedale. A place that our residents have called home, and has been in the hands of our county since 1873. A place which brings life to an end in a dignified manner, providing the very best quality of life settings in the entire state of Pennsylvania until the very end.

Currently representing tens of thousands of NorCo taxpayers, the Coalition wants to be crystal clear in the signal we are sending CC, hear the voice of the people, or pay the consequences that come by way of ignoring us. America is the great nation that it is because it has a Great Boss - The People.

CC should take notice that the voting taxpayers are tired of eating the garbage that is being painfully shoved down our throats. We are now "hellbent" on monitoring their actions. If they plug their ears not hear us now, come May, and then November, year after year, they definitely won't be able to hear us, because they will be out looking for another source of income. Any member of council that believes that they are above the people will soon be rudely awakened. Please, feel free to test our will, and our determined resolve. As Mr. Angle has just begun to is endless.


  1. What do the acronyms CC and COAF mean? I'm thinking that CC may refer to "County Council," but I have no clue about COAF.

    I found this blog because I'm interested in the fate of Gracedale, where my mother is a resident. But I'm not a resident of Northampton County. New readers who are not residents of the County, or even Pennsylvania, are likely to be unfamiliar with the local alphabet soup of acronyms.

  2. Dear Richard
    Coalition of Alzheimers Families
    is actually being changed to

  3. Good day Richard R.

    Anon - is correct about COAF, and you are correct about CC, it does stand for County Council. Please know that COAF is representing the people of the county that would like to see GD (Gracedale) continue to operate in the hands of the county. We are people just like you with family at GD. We apologize for the acronyms...but it seems that's the way of the world today. Know that our hearts are open to you, and to your loved one. Please do not hesitate to seek us out at GD. We will be more than happy to fill you in on our progress.