Friday, December 10, 2010

The Saga Continues - Part Two

The People of NORCO and a minority of Council members say:

"Well, Ronnie, why don't we move a bit slower when it comes to this issue of Gracedale?   Many of the people we represent have reservations about this very quick move?   Perhaps there is something we could do to turn Gracedale's economic woes into a success story for our beloved county residents who are in need of precisely this type of facility.

If the County owns it, family members can feel more comfortable, because they will share in the ownership in terms of their concerns, fears, hopes, and desires.  In that way, the county would no longer have to concern itself with a "20%" hike!

If after a year or two with the proper personnel and marketing plan, Gracedale could remain the "Jewel Of The County," a fitting title which Council and you, Ronnie, always use to describe it. 

THIS IS A VERY REAL POSSIBILITY IF ALL INTERESTED AND CONCERNED PARTIES would meet--without your yelling, screaming, interrupting,,and attempting to ruin people's private lives because of violating their due process rights: the American right of freedom of speech. 

We would ask you--who was it who signed off and agreed to all the labor contracts over these many years with never a mention of the possibility of these financial problems now coming home to roost?

Who should have been continually hiring and supervising the existing personnel  at Gracedale, including the sound management of all the top brass, as well?

Who was in charge of insisting that all budgetary concerns were resolved within the administrative and managerial LIMITS, which should have been provided to those doing those particular jobs?

Why didn't any one of our elected or appointed officials see this fiscal problem looming while they were collecting those fat salaries and benefits they were enjoying?

Past administrations share in this blame, not just the current group of officials.  Nevertheless, what our elected and appointed officials were supposed to be doing over the years was to comply with their own job descriptions, and in this they seem to have FAILED miserably!

If all other County agencies,  buildings, and other holdings can remain as they are without change of any kind, it does seem odd that ONLY Gracedale, the place which brings comfort and hope to our elderly, should be singled out for such a radical solution!

You prefer to do more for drug abuse, illegal immigration, and prisoners, rather than for the loved ones of your own constituents!

And, perhaps  you spend too much time, Ronnie, worrying about churches and the clergy than you should.  I know I don't have to remind the great American and Marine that you are that there is a separation between Church and State in this country.  So forget about church addresses, and worry about "the widows and the orphans."  Stick to the point, with the matter at hand, rather than trying to verbally abuse someone who is trying to keep you focused on helping their beloved relatives!

 Ronnie, Gracedale is not YET privatized, and yet your uncle--according to your own words--has been there for quite some time.   Moreover, you have also stated that you yourself want to reside there, too, when your time comes!  

Yet you have also stated that a private facility could do just as well as Gracedale, "if not better!"   By your own admission to the public and in RAMBLINGS, when John Stoffa talks to Queen Elizabeth, it was said that the care for all would be equal to if not better in a private facility! 

Why then has your uncle been at Gracedale for all these years when a private facility could have done just as well, "if not better"?    What has stopped you from placing him in such a private institution?  Why would you have kept him there all these years, one of your loved ones?

Ronnie, how do you explain this glaring contradiction?   We think, Ronnie, that the time has come for you to clarify what it is you really do think.


  1. Learn to live with it, RA isn't going anywhere.

  2. We will see my friend...and if he does, what happens to you Bernie?

  3. Congrats to the dude or the dudette who was able to press the button of the so called "publicist." Maybe he is taking a trip as well?

  4. "Ronnie, Gracedale is not YET privatized, and yet your uncle--according to your own words--has been there for quite some time. . . .
    Why then has your uncle been at Gracedale for all these years when a private facility could have done just as well, "if not better"?

    That's interesting. Does anyone know if the uncle is a Medicaid or self-pay resident?

    And does anyone know how many self-pay residents are at Gracedale? After all, they are the people who could have gone anywhere. (I may be wrong, but my understanding is that private facilities usually accept only a limited percentage of Medicaid residents.)