Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr. Ohare Is Losing It

We don't visit Mr. Bernie O'Hares blog because it is filled with lies, bigotry, distasteful, and disgraceful garbage, but unlike CC we do listen to people. It has been brought to our attention that Bernie has supposedly removed our blog from his blog, meaning that he had a link on his blog that led to ours, and he decided to remove it.

First Bernie, we did not ask you to link to us, and secondly, thank you so much for removing the link. We want absolutely nothing what so ever to do with your garbage can of a blog, and that is exactly what your blog is.

COAF, representing the people has forewarned Mr. Angle that we will take the Constitutional path to remove him, as well as other members of CC should they force us to. The Home Rule Charter does provide processes to that end, then there is the power of the vote, and that Bernie is called democracy. 

Weren't you at the meeting when Angle stated that in a democracy we must listen to the people...and do the will of the people. he really cares about anyone but himself.

You portray our Coalition as attacking Angle, well your wrong. He has been attacking us at his will year after year, and we have been passive. But when we say no more, and go from a defensive position to an offensive one, we are attacking him. Say what you will Bernie...nevertheless, we will expose Angle for what he is - a crooked politician. And unfortunately, his son is apparently following in his fathers steps. And you probably blame the cashier for that too.

Lets face facts Bernie, if Angle really wants to do the will of the people, all he has to do is pursue an avenue that will give the people what they have been asking for in this matter, an opportunity to democratically vote on the Gracedale question, the rest of the CC will surely follow, as has been the case in the past.

But instead, what does he do? He puts feeble-minded people like you up to doing his dirty work. He attempts to put roadblock after roadblock in the way of the people, but it's not working Bernie. How do I now, well guess what we just did Bernie? We established a good relationship over this weekend with a group of people from the slate belt that would like to see him gone too. Don't take our word for it...the future will prove it.

If you really want to help Angle Bernie, tell him that it is time to wave the flag of truce, back off of this Gracedale issue, and perhaps the people will loosen the noose, otherwise, he will hang himself. Tell him that we have been patient with his prehistoric behavior for far too long. Perhaps there was a point in time when to some his umbrageous behavior was funny, but now we are tired of his buffoon antics. In plain English - we are just tired of being bullied...we will take it no more.

Tell him Bernie, that he can not, as he is slowly but surely discovering, break our will, nor our spirit...for WE ARE THE PEOPLE - HIS BOSSES.

Lastly...we are not responsible for that other blog you believe we are authoring, but we take our hat off to whoever it is. We find it peculiar that you are afraid of debating him openly. Come to think of it, no we're not. You won't debate him because you know he will bring out the truth, and the truth may even put many of you in jail, where all criminals belong.


  1. Thank you very much for being one of the only people/group who is not afraid of standing up for what is right but also our RIGHT.
    With all the fear tactics and misplaced blame.NORCO must change the complextion of our good citizens.
    In terms of the Detention Center alone, Mr. Angle said that he had dinner with that private company 5 times. When asked at the meeting about who started it, it was ,of course, somebody else.It is now time for the bullying, fear tactics,and half truths to come to a virtual standstill.
    Let's get someone in the council's president's chair who is above all this dirt.Let the sun shine through in NORCO once again.

  2. BO seems to be deleting any references to Angle's conviction in 97.

  3. "We find it peculiar that you are afraid of debating him openly. Come to think of it, no we're not. You won't debate him because you know he will bring out the truth, and the truth may even put many of you in jail, where all criminals belong."

    I'm more than willing to debate anyone, in a public setting, concerning anything that involves Northampton County. What I am not going to do is debate anonymous cowards who are afraid to identify themselves when they smear someone.

    It's one thing to hide behind a cloak of anonymity, or make catcalls at a public meeting. It is quite another to take responsibility for your smears. That is something cowards like you and your alter ego are unwilling to do bc in the end, you are a coward.

    Let's see you call Bruce Gilbert a liar when we all know who you are. Let's see you attempt to drag Ron's son into this bullshit when you have to answer for what you say. Let's see if the "Lord Jesus Christ" approves of the hateful tactics you use, in which you drag family members into the fray.

  4. this site is the best
    not afraid of angle
    not afraid of BO
    WOW keep up good work

  5. To the Members of this Blog and the Authors:

    I believe that your last posting is right on the money. I want to apologize to those who have felt the wrath of BO with his twisted thoughts of someone devious authoring our blog.

    Our blog is in place for the exact reasons that your beliefs are founded upon. I want people to be open with their beliefs and not be criticized for taking an opinion contrary to others. I am proud of what I believe, I just can't publicly demonstrate it because of my job. It's ashame that in these days one can't speak about certain matters because of workplace rules.

    With that being said, I would like to offer our support at our blog to all those who are involved with this blog. The more people we have communicating with each other, the more problems can be solved. Let us use each other to benefit the people of Northampton County. As BO states, we are all in this together, but at his website you need to be with him in those thoughts. Like your blog, our blog is open to debate and we encourage people to engage one another so that perspective may be applied in all situations. Only then, can one appreciate what they believe.

    Authored by:

    Silence Dogood